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Old September 13th, 2017, 03:01 AM   #1
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Post Working theory on natural T levels, alpha/beta dynamic, and resistance to enone OD

I've been refining my thoughts on individual differences that may be good predictors for finding the right dose of Androstenone heavy products such as TUTH and IJ .

The factors I'm looking at take into account both the user of the mone and the intended target or demographic.

Please note this a rough working theory and I'm by no means an expert. This is just anecdotal evidence, my observations, and some theorizing.

Discussion and feedback are encouraged.

I suspect highly masculine men tend to run the risk of OD'ing on enone much easier than guys who don't naturally produce a lot.

Taking myself for an example, I suspect I don't produce a lot of Androstenone naturally.
I rarely have body odor, do not have an overtly masculine/aggressive personality, and tend to be of the temperament to watch and observe social interaction instead of injecting myself into the center of it.

While I think I do give off a masculine presence, it is a more subtle and gentle presence than an aggressive or sexual one. I often don't feel a strong sexual energy in my social interactions, but TUTH has helped me feel that considerably. (I have noticed profound self effects from it)
Anecdotally speaking I have found TUTH to work phenomenally well for me. I have seen no ill effects from it.
(I have not experimented with doses beyond 7.5mcg however)

My point is, I think we can all imagine the type of guy that seems to ooze testosterone and is ready to argue/fight/compete at the drop of a hat.

Obviously, we all differ in our natural mone production.

This is where I think turning a critical eye to oneself and trying to understand how others perceive you and how you regularly come across presents valuable information for tailoring your mone signature correctly.

This leads me into my second point regarding gauging your target or intended target demographic.

I have a suspicion that the women you see repeatedly dating "bad boys" show a stronger affinity for and reaction to Androstenone .

To put things in stereotypical archetype terms, the cheerleader who has dated half the football team will likely respond better to TUTH or IJ than the introverted quiet bookworm who spends most of her time studying in the library.

Anecdotally speaking, one of my coworkers absolutely fits the bill of falling for bad boys. Her type is the aggressive, aloof, hyper masculine, and sexually forward type of guy.
We've always gotten along fine as friends, but I have noticed since wearing low doses (2.5-5mcg) of TUTH around her she has been openly flirtatious with me on multiple occasions.

My point here is I believe it is important to take into account two perspectives when trialling your mones .
First, put yourself in the perspective of "other" and try and be mindful of how others perceive you in your social group.
Do you behave differently at work than at the bars? How about when drunk versus sober? Taking these into account will offer valuable information about what mixes to use in each setting.

Secondly, think about your intended target or demographic. Look for patterns and themes you see. If you fancy the cute girl down the hall in your office who always dates Harley riding whiskey drinking badasses, then having an aggressive edge to your mone signature may be advantageous to you.
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Default Re: Working theory on natural T levels, alpha/beta dynamic, and resistance to enone O

Definitely agree that some girls/women respond better to high -NONE signatures than others.

IME this would often be girls attracted to/getting off on 'drama'.

Personal observation have taught me over my years of experimentation with pheromones that a certain subset of younger women which can be described as having 'daddy issues' tend to respond much more to the high-RONE signature of A314 .

So for straight sex and pick up i.e. ONS -type connections, a high -NONE signature is more effective whereas for romantic relationships the none needs to be dialed back at least in the initial phase before a regular sexual relationship is established, after that it's fine to really ramp up the none when the woman is comfortable and sure you're not a crazy rapist
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Default Re: Working theory on natural T levels, alpha/beta dynamic, and resistance to enone O

Agreed with this 100%

I believe that the more attractive, higher estrogen woman will naturally be attracted to the hormonal polar opposite.

I've noticed as my testosterone levels naturally increased, I had a desire for curvier women. When my testosterone levels were lower, I preferred skinnier.
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