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Old April 18th, 2014, 05:42 AM   #191
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Default Re: Womens Pheromone Guide

love this! so helpful thank you!
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Default Re: Womens Pheromone Guide

I find it pretty helpful, specially for newbies like me, it gives a really nice and clear insight.
jean gray
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Default Re: Womens Pheromone Guide

Hi Everyone,
Yesterday I went through the Men's Pheromone Guide and repaired the links. I figure I'd do the same here too. Since Tisha23 made such a great guide for new members like myself, I thought it would be best to have the links working like she had intended. You will find the links corrected in the quoted post below. Again, thank you to Tisha23 for all the hard work putting this together!
Originally Posted by tisha23 View Post
Revised for 2010/11

Ok ladies here is the start of my pheromone guide you asked for. I will be adding to it but I wanted to post something to get it started.

(Mens guide located in the "Pheromone theory" sticky section)

When posting about your pheromone experiences please try to add the dose on the bottle. How much you used and where you sprayed it on your body. This makes it easier for Jas and others to figure out what works and what doesn't and why.

Due to Androtics no longer being able to to provide copulins at this time they have been omitted from the products. As you can see below only trace amounts were used in the origonal formulas. This has not changed what the intention of the product and they have stayed true to there origonal purpose.

Instant sexiness A and B (IS/A or IS/B)

A has some undisclosed pheromones, TAL and a trace of cops (see above statement on copulins) . Product does what it says, makes you feel strong, sexy, confident. A is the version you will receive if you order a "to-go" bottle. It is also available in the large size

B has pheromones, TAH and a trace of cops (see above statement on copulins). Sexy, confident, girly or kittenish.
B only comes in a large bottle.

When ordering a large bottle, type in the notes section if you want A or B if you don't A is the default product.

Great post on Instant sexiness : Instant Sexiness vs Lust after me

Instant Sexiness?

Life is SO good !!!

First results with Instant Sexiness

I had a "dolly" night out!

Instant Shine (IS)

This is listed as a men's product but is really great for both men and women. It gives you a Aura of youth , confidence, very uplifting mix. (edit) Contains TAA and some undisclosed mones (anol suspected) This is a favorite in the forum and a good product to start out with.

TAA/Instant Shine

Instant Female Magic (discontinued)
This product is a mood enhancer, causes a calming effect in women. Great for when you have your monthly or those stressful times. Is reported to sometimes cause depression when used by men if they spray to much on. Said to Contains Androstadinone and some other undisclosed mones.

Instant Female Magic... Magic

Instant Female Magic For Women

Instant Openness and Instant Honesty
Both of these are mood enhancing and increase communication with others. IO is more playful chatty and is said to contains A-nols. IH brings closer more intense communication. Is often called the "best friend" mix. IH is best sprayed away from your face area. People have reported blurting things they had no intention of saying when using it. Said to contain B-nols.

A quote by M Harris describing IH "depth, close feelings, intense rapport, secrets, bonding, and extreme intimacy in the right context"
A quote from M Harris describing IO "quantity of conversion/chatter box, lightness, good feelings"

Lust After Me (discontinued)
Comes in Oil form. Does not come in a to-go bottle. 20mcg of alphaandrostenol and copulins. Gives off a sweet sexual vibe. Attracts attention of a sexual nature.

The Best way to apply LAM is to apply the drops to pulse points on neck and wrist, Behind ears is another good spot. Let it settle and dry down for 10 to 15 minutes. The longer the better. Then cover with a medium to heavy scented perfume or cologne.

(Keep in mind, copulins do not smell good and so yes it is supposed to smell like buttcheese.)

Turn Up The Heat

This is a men's product that contains none. Some women are sensitive to nones so use sparingly at first to get a feel for this product. It is suggested that women wear a dab or two above upper lip. Causes arousal in women and can heighten sexual pleasure.

Come Talk To Me (CTTM)

Attracts attention and is reported to ease communication. Contain a equal amount of A and B nols.

The rest of the consumer products are found in the men's section of the store. Some of these have been used by women with marginal success. Most contain NONE. If you choose a men's product you must test it out using small amounts to find what works best for you. The men's forum has a few excellent sticky threads explaining these products.

Basic Noob Phero Bootcamp

ADVANCED PRODUCTS ( Not for newbies)

The next set of products are "Test mixes" and "putatives". These are for the "Advanced Enthusiasts" and are mixes we test and report results on. You need some experience and past participation in reporting results before being considered for these products. Its up to administration whether you can get them or not.
Special Orders Not Accepted...

If results are good they will become consumer products in the future. These mixes have to be custom made and take a long time to make so if they are in your order it will take up to a week or more before it will ship. Please report on your results

(MX215) 10.375mcg Alpha-Androstenol & 10.375mcg "Molecule A" in Energizing Grapefruit

This is a simple but great little mix in grapefruit. Its laid back, fun, uplifitng and draws people to you. If I had to name the mix I think I would call it "good times" Great for attracting people or just kicking back and having a good time with friends.

MX215 Simple but fun

MX135: (discontinued) I know I cant believe it LOL

This product is a forum favorite. Is reported to make you the center of attention. A fun uplifting mix. Is often called "The superstar mix" Is said to contain TAH and a trace of cops as well as some undisclosed mones.
Omg Mx135 !!!

MX135: "I'm not your girlfriend, dude."

By Request....MX257 P104 Its a hit !!
Look for Jas's post about MX135

MX134: Now sold as MX300 This mix is for women and is similar to the men's product MX314. One masculine pheromone was removed and replaced with TAL. Contain the tiniest trace of cops.
This mix is great for work. It gives off a respect vibe, Jasmin reported it was "Goddess like, Alpha Female" People tend to be very accommodating and helpful when they are exposed to this mix.
Bring Your MX134 to Work Week

The Sunshine Series: Mixes 136 thru 140. (discontinued)

Very uplifting, mood enhancing happy mixes. Hasn't been disclosed what is in these mixes but I know they don't have TAL, Androstenone or P79 in them.
Mx140 and MX138 seem to be the favorites in the group.

Dolly reported Laughing her A$$ off with Mx140. Laughed My A** Off with MX 140

Laurie reported Mx138 was a real confidence booster for her. MX138=Confidence

Carrie reported with Mx138 she felt more awake, coordinated, positive and experienced sexual arousal and with Mx 136 she experienced more interest in people and affection. Liquid Sunshine Series - my results so far

Both of these mixes can be steered into a sexual direction if mixed with the right products like Lust after me or EOW.

Mx136 also had uplifting happy walking on sunshine reviews.

Mx139 and 137 are good products and they work much the same as MX136 but just didn't have the kick the others have.

Drive Him Crazy Experiment: MX106 thru MX111: (Discontinued check for new pack below)

Quoted from the androtics site
"What are the differences between the six Drive Him Crazy formulas?

MX106 contains the least number (different than concentration) of pheromones in the entire series.

MX107 One more pheromone than MX106
MX108 One different pheromone than MX107
MX 109 A few more pheromones added, in different concentration.
MX110 A mix made from four different pheromones total

MX111 Has the highest number of pheromones in the series"

These mixes are still in testing and a lot hasn't been posted about them. A lot of the ladies reported no reaction with them.
MX108 seems to be the better of all the mixes and there have been reports of subtle reactions with it.
These mixes are TAH heavy and some contain cops. The higher numbered mixes caused crankiness in some people so those may contain some none.

The new drive him crazy test pack

Drive Him Crazy Test Pack for Women: MX321, MX322, MX323, MX324, MX325, MX326

Experimone series,

These are single molecule dosed pheromones and are ment for researchers and serious pheromone enthusiasts. I have bought some of these, the ones in the "T" series. I really like them and they are a good value but in my opinion mixing mones takes a little more knowledge and experience then I currently have so although I have seen results with TAH and TAL I do think the Test Mixes and consumer products are better to work with for new people. By all means if you want to try to make your own mixes or amp up a mix these products are great but realise it will take some patience and practice to get it right.

Nols and Nones are covered in the "Boot camp" post by Toil in the men's forum.


Lor is our "TAH girl" and has reported that TAH attracts attention and creates a "loving atmosphere" It is a fun kittenish product and has been described as Marilyn Monroe in a bottle. In products like MX135 IS/B and the DHC series.
Pheromones and Emotion

TAH is magic!


Dolly has conducted some interesting tests with both TAL and TAH and there effects on individuals. TAL gives off a "sexy confident strong women aura" In products like IS/A . Anglina Jolie in a bottle.

More "Tailoring"


In products like Shine. TAA gives off a fun, youthful, vibrant vibe. I once compared it to Straight Ellen in Jessica Albas body.
TAA/Instant Shine


This product helps to create focus and motivation on whatever it is your doing. So if your cleaning the house it will be super clean and you will notice every little thing that needs to be done. If you are having sex it can make it more intense.

Going to the dentist with pheros in hand!

TAF induced clarity


Reported to make user relaxed and sleepy. MX204.
MX204 (TAK) - good for insomnia?


Although this is what these products will do on its own when mixed correctly with other mones they could have a whole different effect. They can be a lot of fun to experiment and practice with.

Putative Pheromones:

These are suspected pheromones in testing. They don't tell you whats in them or what they do so they can get a clear picture without preconceived notions as to what each one will do. There is sporadic reports on them all over both the men's and women's forums so if this is something you are interested in experimenting with you will get to be one of the "pioneers" in pheromone research.

Some of the more popular Putatives are

Meo-est =
EST = Cuddly pheromone

I will leave you to discover these on your own because they need more testing to really say for sure what they do. Remember you need some experience to play with these.


Cant leave these out. These are the women's secret weapon and the best place to learn about them is here: Newbie with a few questions...

Androtics is working on there own version of cops and the women here are eagerly awaiting the day they perfect this product.

You will also be reading on the forum about a product called MX216. This is a mix created by our own lovely Dolly and it is awesome. An oil containing mega cops a-nol and TAL it was only available for a limited time and by special request but Jas has mentioned the possibility of making a version in spray form in the future so if you see it snag it up because its "the bomb"


Michael Harris has said "diffusion is king" Meaning its the most important part of using mones. If you cant get them to waft off your body and into the air no one will be effected by them. This is why neroli is used as one of the signature scents in Androtic products. It has excellent diffusion properties so it gets the mones out there. Some people don't like the smell of it so there are other scent choices you can request but it will cost more and take longer to make. You can also order it unscented but this means there is no cover scent you will still smell the mones. Myself and a lot of other ladies use our favorite perfume with our mones. meaning first we apply mones let it dry down and cover with our favorite scent. Pink Sugar is a favorite and is highly diffusive.

Here is a good post describing scents:

You should apply your mones in places you would naturally release your own mones. Chest, wrist, neck, armpits, If your wearing a skirt or running around naked (snort) behind knees or thighs. Where ever your body heats up is a good place. The ladies also like to spray to there hair and this works great for diffusion because as you move your head around mones drift off into the air. Alcohol drys your hair out use a good conditioner ladies

Most products except ones containing NONE you should start with 1 or 2 sprays. This may be your "sweet spot" meaning you see results with this amount. Some ladies may need more. Once you find that sweet spot take note of it for each product. Also remember more in not always better. If you get great results with say 3 sprays of shine that doesn't mean 6 sprays will be even better. With 6 sprays you may see nothing because its just to much for your individual body. You have to find whats right for you.

Some mones stink. LOL You are not buying these to smell pretty but to cause an effect. I have worn the most fowl smelling butt cheesed pheromone on earth (EOW) and once on me, no one has ever commented I smell bad. Usually its the opposite which amazes me. Androtics products smell much nicer then most others I have used but you can smell the mones coming through. Once you practice using them you will learn how to cover the scent and believe me no one will notice except you.

Most magnetic pheromones for women?

These sections below are in progress.
Fun with mixing and layering (The ladies favorite combo's)

More to come

Your Application methods and covering tips (also scent cover advice)

One of the popular covers here on Pherotalk is aqualinas Pink sugar which you can buy online or in your local Sephora's. Its a sweet sugary vanilla confection smell and is a beast all its own. Its excellent for diffusion and has good silage which is very beneficial in mone use. I never fail to get compliments or people taking big inhales of the scent when they are near me. Men especially enjoy this scent and its one of the only scents I have worn that can make men groan in pleasure.

working on it

What to expect from mones

Well I hope this guide helps the new users a little. I will try to add to it as more products are explored and reported on.

Pheromones (when used correctly) cause a subtle reaction. (also called hit) They will not cause people to do things that are out of character or change a persons feelings about you. They just help people lose there inhibitions and feel more comfortable and confident. They are just one more thing we can use to make ourselves and others feel good and communicate. Kinda Like makeup or cologne. Your eye liner is not going to change they way the world See's you or make men throw themselves at your feet but it will enhance it and make you look and feel hot. Mones are much the same. So when testing pay attention to the small signals like people being more friendly, guys staring more, suddenly being the center attention, free coffee ( I get a lot of that). Once your done with testing your new product just set it and forget it just like your makeup.

Good Luck

Check out my personal pheromone adventure journal here =>
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Default Re: Womens Pheromone Guide

This makes things so much easier to understand. I was starting to get overwhelmed with all the information. . Thanks.
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Default Re: Womens Pheromone Guide

This makes things so much easier to understand. I was starting to get overwhelmed with all the information. . Thanks.
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Default Re: Womens Pheromone Guide

very useful. lots of good info.
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