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Default What is Stealth Diffusion?

which mones have stealth diffusion in it? anyone here could say that it works?
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Default re: What is Stealth Diffusion?

You want the pheromones off your skin and into people's noses where they can do their work!

Pheromones themselves are not very diffusive molecules. They are heavy. They need assistance from other highly diffusive molecules bind with and to help carry them.

1. " Stealth Diffusion Technology" is the name for our exclusive low odorant-high diffusive technologies we developed to optimize pheromone diffusion (lift). We incorporate our current Stealth Diffusion technology into all our fragranced products.

2. We made several experimental MX packs a few years ago also called " Stealth Diffusion ". I believe they are in the MX420's - MX440's, but don't quote me on that! I wasn't here at the time! (You can look into those here:

With the Stealth Diffusion MX experiments, we stripped out any other fragrance. No Neroli , no FF21 , Ammo , Akuto, or otherwise. Those experiments were simply pheromones plus Stealth Diffusion components.

An odor detection threshold is the point where you can detect a smell. Stealth Diffusion components are (hopefully) unnoticeable at an average person's odor detection threshold. They smell like something, but not a lot of something. Under the radar, so to speak.

We have considered re-releasing some of our better standalone Stealth Diffusion Technology experiments in the coming months. We are constantly asked whether we will bring back these experiments, and we have been considering doing so for quite a while for the new experimenters who have not experienced them yet.

We receive many emails from people who would like a fragrance-free option... Especially those in healthcare or office environments with posted "No Perfume" policies, or individuals with chemical sensitivities.

We would like to formulate to meet those requirements, while still formulating for efficacy. The product must work!

Pheromones need help lifting from the skin. They don't do so well on their own. This is why, while you're able to have our lab custom blend a fragrance-free option for you, we must charge a little more and offer no refunds. You really have to know what you're doing to make a fragrance-free product diffuse properly and work right!

As for upcoming Stealth Diffusion Technology releases.... Stay tuned for updates!
Brian F
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