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Default What happened to the psychological\physical barriers, and congruency?

TAL and IFM , and Ammo and IOpenness, that's what...

'Yesterday was really fun! I got some really great reactions from my two mixes from many, all of which were very interesting! The hits were very involved, and when that happens I like to write it out, so you all can understand what was really going on. It's very difficult to describe the ambiance of everything when writing like this, so I suggest reading the Effects from mixing with other products section before reading the actual report, makes it easier to understand.

Instant Female Magic-TAL - Ammo-IOpeness Report

Instant Female Magic – Mini Togo Bottle (2.5ml)
Scent and strength
Unscented?, 6.5mcg/s

Molecule L – Togo Bottle (5ml)
Scent and strength
Neroli , 12.5mcg/s

Ammunition – Togo Bottle (5ml)
Scent and strength
Game, 1x

Instant Openness – Togo Bottle (5ml)
Scent and strength
Neroli , 1x

Application dosage and locations

1st Application
Applied two sprays of TAL to the back of my left hand and rubbed it on the other; Applied four sprays of IFM on the back of my left hand and rubbed it on the other (2 sprays and 4 mini togo sprays = 4 Sprays Regular Togo)

2x – Hands, back of

4x (2x regular togo) – Hands, Back of

Location – Home
Time – 7:33am

2nd Application
Applied two sprays of Ammo to the back of my left hand and rubbed it on the other; Applied one spray of Instant Openness on the back of my left hand and rubbed it on the other (3 sprays)

2x – Hands, back of

Instant Openness
1x – Hands, Back of

Location – Jamba Juice
Time – 5:20pm

Environment tested in
Trains; Outside Chicago; Chicago buses; Oriental store; Subway; Jamba Juice; Train Station

Self effects
None notable, alot was going on so it was hard to really place any self effects

Effects on others
My friend, Amanda, her boyfriend, Tyler, and myself all arrive at the train station together (8:08am), in the car ride I was in the front while they were in the back, so no discernable hits yet, and we all stand next to the train station building, Amanda less than a foot away from me, to my right, and Tyler, to her right. The wind is blowing moderately, and directly towards Amanda, I start to notice something quite fast. Amanda starts talking to me, but with her back almost completely turned on her boyfriend She strikes up a great deal of conversation and for the most part pays little attention to him until we get on the train, 10-15 minutes later. We then get on the train, and find it difficult to get a 3-seat setup, we get three seats which are next to one another, but their seats were facing each other, meaning I was facing the back of Tyler’s seat, not a great place for diffusion.

After about 10 minutes we get up and go looking for better seats, we walk through the different cars to find something suitable, noticing quite a few glances\stares from women as I pass from car to car, and we find a row of retractable, pull-down seats were we sit down, Tyler now to my right and Amanda to his. At this point things seem much more relaxed and we make some conversation throughout the trip, but they now seem much more ‘lovey-dovey’, and she is much more focused on him, not ignoring me though. When we get to the train-stop (9:00am), we discover we are sort of oblivious as were to go, Amanda notices someone’s sister whom she knows is a lesbian (Girl A, see below), and we follow her and her female companion to the bus-stop, figuring they were going to the Gay Pride Parade.

We wait, in the sun, for about 15 minutes, until the bus comes. We step onto the bus and we make our way to our stop. The female driver doesn’t have change for a twenty, so I borrow two twenty five from Tyler and walk over to the driver and start to put the money in, but after I put half of what I need to ride, she just says it’s ok and tells me to go sit down. We exit the bus and find ourselves talking to the two girls we had followed to the bus-stop (who were in close proximity to me on the bus at one point or another), they got off at the same point, about were the next bus will be picking us up at, and if we’re going to the Pride Parade. And, because I never caught either of their names, lets call Amanda’s friends sister Girl A, and her companion, Girl B. At this point, as we are walking to the next stop across the street, Girl B asks if Amanda’s is gay, she says she is straight but she supports, and then looks at me in a very intriguing manner that is hard to place, and asks the same thing of me. I reply, “mostly”, with very slight a smile, and I saw something in her expression, besides the really obvious smile she had after I responded, that was as quick to appear as it had vanished… why did she seem to like that answer so much? And what was that light switch reaction I detected, some form of interest?

We wait at the bus stop and then enter a packed bus, which only gets worse, and Girl B, now standing a foot or so away from me, asks me if I live around there (Chicago) and I tell her I don’t and she proceeds to ask me if I live in the Suburbs and tell her that I do. She then goes on to tell me that so does she and we stop talking for a little while, and after a minute or so, Girl A asks Amanda if she knows her, and finds out they do. Girl B then asks me if I live in (town name) I tell her that I do and we delve into a conversation, this time about how we are not used to buses and if there is public transit in (our town). Girl A chimes in once or twice, but is either on the phone or doesn’t seem like she wants to talk. I then tell Girl B that she really looks familiar and Girl A tells me that Girl B pretty much knows everyone in the entire town.

So, Girl B then goes off and starts asking me if I know this person or that, really a long list of people, trying to find out how I know her, and it turns out, all we could figure out is that we disliked the same one person. At one point, when it got really cramped, there was communication going on between us without talking and she didn’t include Girl A in it (not like that, pervs ), like how friends communicate with facial expressions to make sure the people around them hears. And it is important to note, Girl A and B were very close with each other when waiting at the first bus-stop, not really kissing, but being very intimate, and now she seemed to be paying alot of attention to me, almost to the point of ignoring Girl A, all while giving me that perplexing look which hinted attraction, really intimate friendliness.

After some more small talk we finally get to our stop and, after about 15 minutes of talking with Girl B, we part ways. And Amanda, Tyler, and I start walking down the Parade path, to get to the starting point. I don’t really notice much from others, besides Amanda, hit-wise (there was one or two), until about 10:30am when I bumped into the mother of my brother’s best-friend, who is also a friend of my mothers. She notices me and comes by to say hello, we’re not really that close (barely ever talked), and she hugs me and talks to me awhile, being quite friendly, before heading off to one of the floats (she was driving one of them). It’s really rather interesting, because we really don’t know each other that well.

Amanda and I get along really well and she stood next to me, like arm to arm, when we would walk or stand somewhere, as her boyfriend was behind us, for about four hours. This changed later as the day progressed (really started noticing it at around 2 or 3 o’clock as we left the parade). We decided to travel to Jamba Juice, about 4 miles away, and Amanda was now very cuddlesome with her boyfriend as we were walking. I began to feel like a third wheel, no doubt how he had felt for about 4 hours When we finally get there and order it is a somewhat friendly, but kind of tense environment between us. I excuse myself to go to the restroom and that is when I applied some ammo and instant openness .

When I come out and sit down with them, everything seems to have changed; Amanda and Tyler are now more relaxed and seem much more unhinged and expressive, very joyous and fun (Tyler had been very quite closed off around me for most of the day before this). Amanda became much less socially awkward around me and more interested in what I had to say. This was consistent with them the rest of the day. We went to subway after that and were there for about 20 minutes (it was now about 5:45pm). After finishing the food, and noticing more obvious hits from Amanda and some subtle ones from Tyler, we headed off to a little oriental shop that Amanda had told me about awhile back. When in the store, I had my briefcase sized bag with a pride flag on it so, realizing that it might not be a good idea to be walking around with a giant bag with a stick coming out of the side, I asked the women working their (Asian women of about 40) if I could place my bag by the counter, and she said it would be ok (she seemed quite nice and respectful).

After looking around quite some time I started picking out the things I wanted to buy, handing the first two items to the Asian male worker (most likely the husband of the woman) and stood a couple feet away from the counter looking at another item. The woman then asked if I could move my bag up against the wall, they had moved a box it was by and it was now in the middle of the floor. I told her it would be no problem and then proceeded to go and move it, but she was already moving it as I went to do so. My bag has a tendency to fall forward and this woman, now a foot or so from the counter and her husband, started to try and angle it so it would not fall. I tried and help, but as soon as I moved towards the bag to help and before I had said anything, the husband developed this sort of horrified-disturbed look on his face and told her to just ‘leave it, leave it’ or something along those lines and she finished angling it and left.

Funny thing is that his reaction was like that of someone trying to not upset a very respectful, wealthy person, but I was just wearing a white t-shirt, and beige kakees (I changed from my nice blue dress-shirt a little while after leaving the parade because it was so hot). So, I wasn’t sending that persona at all, with my clothes. The three of us proceed to Union Station to catch the train home (6:08pm) and, having encountered many homeless people earlier that day and not singled out, I didn’t really expect to be. But as we were walking there every single person selling something or homeless person I passed, about eight, did exactly that, singled me out! They would get upset with me that I didn’t give them anything when I passed, like I was some successful person being an ass to them! What really sucks is that I didn’t have any money, I just spent it all on statues of Buddha!

So, we’re running late to the train and in a hurry and we pass a homeless man sitting on a nice little side ledge with a cup in his hand and we come up to him and I hear the hurt in his voice when he says ‘You can’t spare any change…’. I felt really bad, I had no money, he seemed like a nice guy, I stopped. I looked at him, put my bag down, and went looking for my wallet, while sincerely elucidation my situation to him and took everything I had left, and gave it to him. He seemed to feel respected and was quite nice. He shook my hand and put up his fist (out of respect, not aggression, just making that clear). We were running late when I stopped and Amanda told me that as we were walking by, and told her to just go ahead and I’d catch up, so this man knew I was taking the time to stop, explain to him my situation, and show him respect regardless of what I was doing, so it wasn’t just the pheromones, but I’m sure it helped.

When at the train station we discovered that we missed the train (oh well ). While waiting, at about 7:10pm, I asked Tyler and Amanda if they noticed that every homeless person or person selling something singled me out and they both said it was probably, because I looked 'successful' and 'wealthy' While waiting for the next train I noticed how a middle-aged oriental women and a upper-middle-aged white women I sat by were very, very kind and polite with me. The white women even defended my seat from the “vultures” when I went to go use the restroom and struck up a few little conversations with me. We finally get on the train at 8:20pm and sit in the same place as we did before, two seats and a third seat facing the back of one, and behind me was another seat facing mine, with a girl about the same age as me in it. After about 4 minutes of sitting there the girl starts conversation and keeps doing so for approximately 15 minutes. And then leaves to go meet up with friends in Chicago, she had lost her phone and lost contact with her friends before using another cell phone to get in touch.

The 45 minute ride back was very interesting, because Amanda made quite a bit of conversation with me and made a few suggestions what we should do next time we do something.

Duration of effects
6–7 hours

Ammo - Instant Openness Mix
5 hours or more

Effects from mixing with other products
TAL - IFM Mix–
TAL and IFM seem to go really good together; the TAL gives off a friendly, open feeling, and allows women to be very comfortable with being friendly, while the IFM works in a similar fashion, breaks down physical barriers, relaxes them, and hints, verges on, attraction. When they are mixed it gives out the message of ‘I’m a good friend to you so it’s alight to get close to me, or even have feelings for me’. Seriously, there is this ambiance that you have known these women for a very long time and are really, really close to them, psychologically. It progresses a relationship months, or years, beyond what is typical within that pre-established dynamic, and if is not yet established, it creates one that is weeks, or months, beyond what is reasonable.

AMMO - Instant Openness Mix –
The Ammo puts out a successful, wealthy, respectable persona and the Instant Openness frees up any resistant to speak and just allows others be comfortable around you, even though your sending out a really high-alpha character.

6 feet, more with favorable wind conditions

Time exposure
Almost immediately

Additional Notes

- It is very important to note that Girl A put out a very Alpha-Female vibe, which may be the reason why she was really refusing to talk to me, and Girl B was sending out a Beta-Female vibe. In my experience when TAL is used around alpha women, this is the typical reaction.

All in all, it was a really good day, quite fun! I’m really surprised I got so many hits!

- There was a few more hits, but I’d nothing near as extreme as the one’s I’ve described.


Breathe out and send loving-kindness to everyone, including yourself.

Happiness does not come from any kind of acquisitiveness, whether mental or psychological.
Happiness comes from letting go.

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