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Arrow Welcome to the OFFICIAL Men's MX Forum! (Read here first!)

Hello All!

Welcome to the OFFICIAL MX forum!

This is the bread and butter of pheromone research: Experimentation!

Without your honest feedback and healthy skepticism, pheromones would be considered a pseudoscience instead of a protoscience.

I've compiled here all the most pertinent information you need to know in order to participate in our Experimental Test Mix program, and this OFFICIAL MX Discussion forum. Without further adieu...

What the Heck is an MX?

Simply put, an MX is an experimental mix.

The MX System was designed to rapidly test many different pheromone formulas. Some are duds. Some are power ballads. The key is to test.

Any Experimental test mixes (MX) are batched at once, offered as-is, and cannot be modified.

These are all our current, "In Production" MXs:

Experimental Test Mixes :: Androtics Direct

In each "Official" Thread, you'll see the status of each mix:
  • In Production: This MX is in current production and available to purchase in the shop.
  • Not Currently In Production: Indicates that this MX isn't in current rotation, but you can request it by emailing [email protected]. We'll study the mix for viability and let you know if feasible!
  • Retired: When a mix status is Red, that indicates that we cannot produce it again in that form. This is most often likely due to out of stock components / obsolete ingredients. If you want to see this mix again, it would be reissued with a new MX number and formulated with stockable components.
    • Obsolete Ingredients can include:
      • Original Ammo and Game fragrances retired some years ago due to IFRA policies. See posts: 1 , 2 , & 3.
      • Androstadienone, Estratetraenol, P81, P87, P88.

How Much Does an MX Cost?
  • First release of our own mixes (not user generated mixes) are always $9.95, regardless of how expensive the contents of the mix are, in order to remove psychological bias caused by pricing.
  • Second releases which users request our own mixes are always $14.95 each. At this stage, packed products are unbundled and priced/sold individually.
  • Third releases onward will now start at $19.95, or be "priced to market? (based on actual costs to make the mix, and not priced to remove price bias).
"Market Pricing" is where we pass along the real costs of the mix to the end user (you). Ever see "Market Price" on the day's catch at a local fish restaurant? It works basically the same way.

This enables us to sustain and attract the proper labor, so we can keep a continuing supply. ?Pricing to market? is new for us, as we?ve tended to kill off more expensive and hard to produce mixes. Now we?ll release them when they are in demand, at a price which will allow us to properly pay chemists and others involved in their manufacture, so we can keep bringing them to market. Think of it as ?sustainable? pricing.

For the first two MX issuings, we have complete price neutrality: obfuscating the actual mix's price. This negates the subtle pressure of pricing psychology. People assume "More expensive = better", which isn't always the case. Neutral pricing allows you to give more honest feedback.

After the first two trials, if you guys keep requesting an MX, I'd say that is a hit! However, because MXs are experimental, they can sometimes be really expensive to produce, and sometimes we sell MXs at a loss. Market pricing enables us to supply a beloved mix at a sustainable price.

If you like a certain mix or recipe, but it has gone out of stock or retired, post here to get it back! If we have all the components, we can put it back in stock for you. If not, we can build something similar.

How do I test a new MX?

In the beginning: Wear only this mix.

Most MXs have been calibrated to work best at a two spray dosage. Start there, but try everything. Try your wrists, hair, chest, happy trail, elbows. One spray, two, three, four... and so on. The more road tests, the more data. The more data, the better products can get. We want as much real world data from real world people as possible.

We'll give you a general idea where it's appropriate to wear a new mix, but we don't want to tell you much more after that. Giving you too much leading information in the beginning can taint the information.

Where Do I Report My Results?

Thought you'd never ask!

Search your MX in the Official MX Forum. If your MX is listed, make a post in its thread.

If it's not there yet, send it to [email protected] with the MX # in the title. Once we make an "Official" thread, we can transfer your results over.

What Should My Reports Include?
(Yeah, you can Copy & Paste these Q's to your report. Go ahead. That's why we wrote 'em.)

First Impressions: Spray. Let dry. Sniff. What are your first impressions? Does the smell remind you of anything? What do you notice yourself feeling?

Dosage & Application Points: What dosage are you using? Where are you spraying?

Most Appropriate Environment: Is this a social mix? Work-friendly? Could you wear it to church? Around your grandmother? Around your F-buddy?

Types of Effects: Explain what types of effects you experienced. Did these experiences happen multiple times?

Strength: How strong did you feel the effects? On yourself? On others? Did it hit you over the head, or was it more subtle?

Length of Effects: When did you notice the onset of effects? When did you notice the outset? When did it peak? When did it wane?

Tenacity: Tenacity refers to "staying power", or the aggressiveness of the cologne. Does it seem to "attack" people around you, or is it more of a "slow burner"? Does it seem like you can point your fume in one direction or another?

Effectiveness & Consistency: How effective is this mix on a scale of 1-10 (1 dud, 10 HELL YES)? Have its effects been consistent over time?

Diffusion/Sillage: Sillage refers to your "vapor trail". Think of it like the wake of a ship. How many feet/meters is your vapor trail? Do people seem to follow your sillage?

Other weird questions that help clarify effects:

If it were music, what would it sound like?
If it had a texture, what would it feel like?
If it were edible or drinkable, what would it taste like?
>> What celebrity or public figure is it most like? (this is a good question!)

Ask yourself these questions during and after you've gotten a good feel of this mix.

Why Are My Posts Initially Hidden?

The OFFICIAL MX forum is designed to initially blind all MX feedback, to keep data clean of tainted results. Every post made to this forum will be hidden at first.

Here's why:

Organisms do weird things when they detect observation. (See: Hawthorne Effect/Observer Bias)
The observer-expectancy effect, in science, is a cognitive bias that occurs when a researcher expects a given result and therefore unconsciously manipulates an experiment or misinterprets data in order to find it. Because it can skew the results of experiments (especially on human subjects), double-blind methodology is used to eliminate the effect.
Source:Experimenter effect - Psychology Wiki

Instead of linking you to very dry and boring powerpoint explanations about "Observer Bias" that the scientists of youtube seem to think we want (but will likely put you to sleep), here I link Molly Kae, who has more pizazz and F-words to keep you engaged.

Soliciting clean feedback is a tricky thing to design. We don't want to describe too much what we think an MX will do, 1. because nature never works like man expects it to, and 2. even if it did, leaking too much initial information causes demand characteristics to crop up.

"Demand Characteristics" is the psychology term for the subtle cues which make participants aware of what the experimenter is looking for. Subconsciously, when demand characteristics are detectable, participants pander to the experimenter (dirtying the data) instead of reporting actual feedback. This skews the data and gives a distorted view of what a mix does.
In research - particularly psychology - demand characteristics refers to an experimental artifact where participants form an interpretation of the experiment's purpose and unconsciously change their behavior to fit that interpretation. Pioneering research was conducted on demand characteristics by Martin Orne. Typically, they are considered an extraneous variable, exerting an effect on behavior other than that intended by the experimenter.
Source: Demand characteristics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Avoiding Normative Social Influence, AKA: "Collusion":

Forums, while great for building community, are terrible for collecting honest data. In the 50s, there was a prof named Solomon Asch, who laid the groundwork for testing how people's decisions are influenced by their social surroundings. In general, he concluded people act all sorts of weird ways when in a group with other people.

Check out this 5 minute video:

Don't be that dork who reports "Effect X", even though you haven't directly observed it! Seeking public agreement and consensus during data collection is the opposite of science. In order to make products you'll enjoy, we need the best raw, unbiased feedback you can give, untainted by the opinions of others.

Because of these human quirks, when you get a new MX, you agree to the following:

  • A minimum 3 week black out period (embargo) on speaking publicly, or even to others, about what the mixes do. This embargo may be extended until at least 25% (1/4th) of purchasers provide some type feedback, either to the Official MX Forum or privately to us.
  • You must give feedback in some form. Either in our (initially blinded) forum, or privately to [email protected] (Always enter MX# in Subject Line). New experimental mixes are never for sale to the general public or people who won't give feedback.
  • Don't worry about our feelings or "expectations" when reporting on these or any other experimental mixes. All we expect from you is your best efforts at reporting what actually happens when using the test mixes. Think "reality", not appeasement.
  • Please respect these needs of data collection, or you'll lose access to our test mixes.
  • Any MX pack may contain a placebo or control in order to increase data quality. We have new experimental MX prices low enough so this shouldn't matter (and in fact, we often lose money on early runs). If you're not OK with this, then please don't participate in this trial.
  • Until 3 weeks after an MX's First Release post, or until at least 20% (1/5th) of purchasers have given feedback via the blinded forum or our special email address, you are only allowed to say on public parts of the forum say that you ordered or have received the mix. Please don't even say if you like them.

Hopefully this guide should answer some of the FAQs and give you some killer testing insights for MXs, and posting in the Official Forum in general.

Thanks for participating in the advancement human pheromone science! We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours Truly,
Brian F
Brian F
Community Manager
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