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Default Pheromones, Psychology, and Hormones.

Hello Pherotalk,

First off i would like to start off by saying that mones have been fun to use, but i think i may have come across some interesting information that may change the face of how we use products (or maybe it won't idk, you decide). I have been working with masturbation and test levels as well as cops and no cops and i may have fallen upon some interesting feedback i felt had to be shared. I share this now in all of its glory!

Secondly, want to outline my journey with Ascend and its cops. Though i see in forums that there are small amounts, i feel it has plenty of effect specifically if that amount is anything higher than when it is found inside natural sources. It could also be the eNone in Ascend, but if i am correct it has more eRone in it. The effects of eRone, and dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate I'm sure have some effect on T production, as well as copulins which i am sure is the main factor that causes T levels to rise after sex, which are otherwise absent in self stimulation. I used Ascend on my upper lip after waking up for about a week masturbating each evening, and also applied Ascend a few hours before bed in a separate experiment. I also did the same thing without the cops and i didnt nptice much, however i did notice an increase in the frequency of morning wood. Also it felt like i was hornier both upon waking up and throughout the day when i applied Ascend, not crazy horny, just more aroused than usual or when not applied. One thing i did notice with Ascend was that every day use caused by body to produce acne mostly on my shoulders and back, but this was after about 3 weeks of daily wear and this was also after morning and afternoon wear (hot climate here so had to reapply on days i was out). Diet was the same throught the whole time which mostly consisted of beans and eggs in the morning with scattered PB&Js here and there and meat of various kinds to include white meat and red meat in the evenings for dinner. My conclusion is that the copulins helped a bit in some way to elevate my testosterone levels.

Lastly i did a lot of research into what happens after ejaculation such as hormone level changes, psychological effects and recounting my own experiences, along with conducting tests on myself. This lead me to want to see what was true and what wasn't pertaining to me , and again we are all different so it may be different for others, like with age, T level production or base T levels, dietand what is in it, frequency of abstinence or frequency of ejaculation, supplement intake, exposure to cops be it natural or synthetic, and so on. This next paragraph will outkineoutline my observations with no pheromones but with use of suppliments, use of abstinence from ejaculation use of edging and surfing and testing 7th day testosterone level boost and self effects of it.

2 week test
suppliment list:
1 Centrum one a day (morning)
1 fish oil pill (morning)
2 lecithin pills (1 morning 1 evening)
2 Vitamin D pills (1 morning 1 evening)

After a 7 day abstinence, i found that i had an increase in horny thoughts and feelings, morning wood were here and there (though still happened every morning, just not right away) while refraining from pheromone use but were still there nonetheless. The orgasm at the end was not too shabby either but the ejaculation was an injaculation. Each subsequent day wasn't too bad since i had been practicing abstinence from ejaculation prior to my tests so it's not too hard, just occupy the time with something. And go to sleep directly, staying up will only tempt you to do the deed. By day 4, the need to ejaculate subsided greatly though thoughs now were on edging and surfing, and there were times my body would want to make me keep going, but i would refrain lest i mess up my testing. By day 7 i noticed an increase in sexual thoughts, more confidence in introducing sexual inuendos, and social mingling. I believe that this was that testosterone boost at its peak 145% of normal values. I was more assertive, like if i was wearing a bunch of eNone , eRone, and things were going, no hesitation in decisions and the world was beautiful. My perception of things were grand, and the world was my playpark. I threw more winks out, got smiles, but nothing too inviting which was rather odd and sadnening. After the day was over i choked the chicken tl start over and reset my counter.

The next experiment i conducted was over 12 days before i accidentally pushed my ponr (point of no return). Same results were witnessed up to day 7 and results after that were not to different other than an increase in sexual thoughts, dreams which were much more sexual in nature, an increase in the need to want to play with myself, and the odd feeling that i could get a lot of stuff done, that i now had the motivation to get done. By day 12 i didnt feel the same effect as on day 7 but i did feel the want to approach people and initiate any kind of conversation, which i would try and steer towards a sexual side mostly through the slight emphasis of words which would strike a psychological string in their mind, and have them guess what i was meaning (Come, doing something, touching something, ect.). After the 12th day i ejaculated one a day 2 days in a row, skipped a day, and then ejaculated 1 time a day for 2 days again. At this point i started taking the Lecithin 1,200mg and Vitamin D 1,000mg first and second day at 1. After day 3 i started to double the dose while maintaining 1 Centrum a day throughput the whole time. I went 5 days before ejaculating, and then another 5 days before another ejaculation just to test out the effects of lecithin on the brain and nervous system as well as replacing what lecithin i may have lost through all the ejaculations. I've noticed a change in thought processing patterns, im much quicker to think in any manner and my perspective has zoomed out a great deal. To me it feels almost like i can read thoughts but i feel it may have something to do with a better ability to subconsciously process vocal and body language. Im sure my brain and nervous system are thanking me for the lecithin, but it leads me to want to try the granuals at least to see how it affects me, apart from the pills. It has increased my semen volume some, nothing big but enough to notice, and through abstinence from ejaculation and lecithin supplementation, my back pain i was having went away rather quickly in a period of about 3 days more or less. Today i ejaculated 3 times once at 1:52am, again at 7:57am, and then again at 9:40am and felt rather calm and relaxed. I decided to take the profiler test which i will leave a link for just incase anyone else wanted to mess with it, and i noticed this below

Alpha- Androstenol Level = 7.1 (High)
Androsterone Level = 6.8 (Average-High)
Androstenone Level = 5.8 (Average-Medium)
Estratetraenol Level = 9.3 (Very High)
Androstadienone Level = 8.8 (Very High)
Beta- Androstenol Level = 7.7 (High)

Someone mentioned to me that this wasn't an accurate measure so i figure that maybe questions need to be more readily geared towards specific psychological and physiological markers, though im sure this may be different after 7 days or maybe even with the use of pheromones. I would like to see some people use it and post their results on this thread, i want to see what demographics appear for which people, their frequency of ejaculation, what pheros they use or if they are going natural, and anything that can help us with figuring out hormones and hpw they work withon the body, how they are affected by pheromones we buy and use, and what that means for us. I have a feeling that unlike some sites and studies that mention that T levels drop and remain low fpr a period of 3-4 days, i believe they rebound up after a few hours or maybe after 1 day, or maybe they drop and rebound with a small spike above baseline to balance the body. This would help to explain the morning wood after nights in which i ejaculated. And would also explain daily morning wood with use of Ascend oil and its copulins. Oh before i forget, during the last 7 days of the 12 day abstinence i was running, i stopped washing Ascend off and left it on over night, to see if a build up would affect those around me and how. My observation with this seemed to give a constant respect factor though it seemed to drop off after a week or so, and this was a ripe time to go without mones for a bit and to do the part of my testing up in the paragraphs above where i used no mones .

This is the link
My experiences with the sense of smell: Profiler
you guys have fun and don't be afraid to test outside the box lol.

The world is filled with people but is also filled with mones. Being aware of them helps in expanding one's consciousness and helps us to notice and filter our thoughts to help make the right choices for the moment. If we do this, are we deemed to be living life to the fullest?
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Default Re: Pheromones, Psychology, and Hormones.

Very interesting. I'll be glad to embark on a pheromone/hormone study with you if still interested. I don't know my blood type so I'm not going to just guess on the test.

I do believe TEST levels peak by day 7 of abstinence as I've seen this myself.
Usually around day 3 or 4 it's not so intense.
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