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Old April 7th, 2008, 08:05 PM   #11
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Default Re: Pheromones for Pickup: Attraction, Comfort, Seduction

There is no other... COME TALK TO ME MIX 2 is Awesome, really does the trick, i use 4 sprays and its amazing, combined with IFM and IO or IH , backed up with either A314 or TUTH ... works very well.

British and Proud of it...
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Default Re: Pheromones for Pickup: Attraction, Comfort, Seduction

Why did no one mention 3 sprays of mx292 (+ IO optionaly, depending on your personality)? Work wonders for me in the attraction phase. Gotta test it more, though...
I am not an Arab, but according to Google my characters are supposed to mean 'Sexy'.

My collection: Ammunition, Instant Shine 4x, Instant Openness 2x, Instant Female Magic, Spaceland, Instant Gentleman, Instant Honesty, A314, MX292, CTTM2, P74, P79, P83, TAL, MX135, P86, MEO-EST, P93, TAF, TAK, P103, TAC, MX200
My journal is here: deeddy's journal
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Old April 13th, 2009, 02:41 PM   #13
Socrates Undisclosed
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Default Re: Pheromones for Pickup: Attraction, Comfort, Seduction

Originally Posted by Socrates
Pheromones for Pickup: Attraction, Comfort, Seduction
Jasmin (November 3, 2006):
"Pheromones for Pickup: Attraction, Comfort, Seduction
Which pheromones do you guys use for each phase of seduction, in terms of something like the Mystery Method or Neil Strauss' Game?

We were thinking something like this:

Attraction: Instant Openness or Liquid Sunshine + Instant Shine + small amount of Turn Up The Heat

The Instant Openness or one of the Liquid Sunshine mixes would make people chatty, make 'em feel good

The Shine will make them feel even better. Increase the energy, and make you seem like one of those people everyone likes to be around. An optimistic, bright breath of fresh air.

The small amount of Turn Up The Heat will let 'em know you're not just a friend.

Comfort: Instant Openness + a small amount of Instant Shine , an even tinier amount of Turn Up The Heat , maybe a little A314 or something based on MX102 through MX105 . Optional Instant Honesty

The Shine would keep it buzzy, non-boring.

The small amount of Turn Up The Heat would help prevent friendism

A314 would add comfort, and position you as a classical man ( DHV ). I think the key would be using not too much. Maybe even less than 1 drop or 1 spray of MX102 is ideal. Our own Thomas Lavoie does something like this.

Instant Honesty would make her feel like she's known you forever. A true comfort accelerator (but maybe too comfortable in high amounts?). (I've gotten a lot of feedback saying that A314 and Honesty are actually killer for mystery's C3)

Seduction: Turn Up The Heat + TAL + P79 . Optional: A little Shine and/or Instant Openness

The Turn Up The Heat would add the sexual spark

The P79 would make 'em wanna do something about it, and reduce LMR

The TAL would make women aggressive and direct (chime in here, Taoist Biker and others!) and also reduce LMR .

What do you guys think?"

Pheromones for Pickup: Attraction, Comfort, Seduction
Gem (December 19, 2006):
"I don't know pheromones but I do know game - here is my input, take it or leave it.

It is important to understand the differences within the different sections of the Mystery method model:

Attraction is A 1 (the opener), A2 (female to male attraction), A3 (Male to female attraction)

Comfort - Can all be lumped together but is essentially building deeper raport and connection.

Seduction, is split into thre but only two are relevent - Getting her horny, and LMR (last minute resistance)

A 1 - Instant openess, instant female magic or instant shine - baiscally all you are trying to do at this point is get the girl(s) to speak to you you so anything that relaxes her, opens her up or makes her feel good near you will work

A2 - female to male attraction, I am not going to go into what builds attraction, but I will just say, you don't want anything that makes her feel comfortable or connected to you (the secret is to make her feel you are better than her or unobtainable) so I suggest Turn Up The Heat or Instant jerk, or maybe even > A314 if congruent with your personality.

A3 - male to female attraction, at this point you want to show her she has won you over (not sexually) baisically this is where you first show attraction by complimenting her you want her to link compliments from you with feeling good so my pheromone of choice would be instant shine or female magic .

Comfort - deeper raport, deep conversations, connection, shared experiences - Instant openess, Instant shine , Instant honesty ....


S1 - getting her hot, time to Turn Up The Heat (again), instant jerk, (basically sex pheromones

S3 - LMR - This is when she wonders if she is doing the right thing (after all she only just met you) You DO NOT want to be winning her over by palying how horny she is feeling off against her will power (that is IMO immoral and inneffective) You want to reassure her - so once again you want some reassuring, feel good products (shine, Honesty, openess)

Now, that is a fantasy situation - in reality you cannot change and remove pheromones that quickly for example the whole attraction phase can be run within the space of 20 seconds (trust me i have done it) So I suggest you identify your own sticking points within that framework and select the right pheromones from there. For instance my sticking point is A3 - I have no problem opening, I can build attraction easily - too easily that leads to the problem that girls think I am being insincere or playing with them once i begin to take an interest in them - so I would stick to Shine or openess to assist me and not use any sexual pheromones.

Me personally - I will stay away from any sexual pheromones beyond our first meeting. It jsut seems a bit too much like pressuring someone into doing something they wouldn't normally do becuase they get too horny and that doesn't sit well with me. I like to guide all sexual encounters towards a meaningfull lasting relationship (open relationship), so I am prepared to wait and ensure she is 100% happy and has made the decision to escalate sexually with all the facts in place (including the fact that I am a PUA and will not commit to her). But that is just my personal Moral Stance so take it as you will. I would rather sleep well at night even if it means I don't sleep with a different person each night. once i have already slept with a girl I will certainly use sexual pheromones to spice up the sex.

The above recommendation is for MM style game (indirect),

If your style is direct I would recommend just Turn Up The Heat or Instant Jerk if you can handle it......"
Might P93 be a 'third way' (besides A314 and/or AndrostEnone ) for A2 (female to male attraction) of the Mystery Method style game?

P93 and status
P93 .... yes, it exists... no, you can't have it...
tacitus (December 9, 2006):
"Tried a blend of STRONG P93 , 150 mu , with a softener of Alpha Androstenol , TAA , and -Androsterone... fascinating mixture of interest and respect... guys were very deferential, women were intrigued, the dog really got into chewing on his tennis ball... people in the room seems to be strongly unconsciously cued off of my behavior and attitudes... I had little patience for trivial crap, a la P80 , but it was less authoritarian, less dark and looming... 150 mu is a lot of anything... women were unquestionably interested, thought I was "sexy and mysterious".... possibilities, I thunk to meself... this has possibilities..."

Me, Me and P93
Jasmin (March 30, 2007):
"...Optimistic feeling (even to women, says Nunya), but not approachable? Interesting.

Maybe there's a high status element to P93 ? High status generally = less approachable."

Me, Me and P93
Nunya (March 30, 2007):
"hmm..i can see toils point on approachability. As many compliments as I got (even from one strange girl who stopped her rather intense cell conversation to throw one to me) it didn't promote chattiness. Not like P74 yesterday. Lots of smiley interaction tho. Now that i think about it, one of my super-talkative coworkers, came directly to my cube, asked what smelled like incense, sniffed my arm, decided it wasn't me, and then disappeared as quickly as he came. usually he'll stop and bs for a while.

So yeah - I think i'll concur with the high status thing."

Me, Me and P93
Steve (March 30, 2007):
"I'm going to pipe in here, only because I think I need to. I've been using P93 a few days now. Although I have been mixing it in with some other molecules and I can't separate as a defining P93 moment, but I get high-status and approachability.

High-status as in good enough for retired couple to show respect and yet receptive to allow me an invite into their family life. I've also got an interesting compliment from a young lady the other day. She approached me. Like I said I cannot relate this experience solely toP93 and perhaps it is buffered enough by the other molecules, but mixed testing has been interesting.

I guess I'll have to try a go at it alone and see what happens."

Me, Me and P93
Nunya (March 30, 2007):
"what else were you wearing p93 with Steveo? I was wearing A314 which would give the high status, and cleo which would give chattiness and approachability, but it seems status won out."

Me, Me and P93
toilofday (March 30, 2007):
"I have found p93 raw to be decently unaproachable, even at 10 mcg . It's not like people are afraid to talk to you, it's more like they don't want to bother you. The status element must be there. I never quite thought of it like that

I have also noticed it to be EXTREMELY EASY to buffer. Just a little bit of anything friendly and the molocule turns right around..."

P93 's 'uplifting' effects on women
toilofday (July 31, 2007):
"I love this thread! haha

this sums everything up very nicely.

My number 1 thought on p93 is that it takes the alpha male and turns it into what I call the alpha/beta male..... aka , they alpha male that everybody likes.

A mild shift with profound results.

great post man."

P93's 'uplifting' effects on women
"I tried p93 for the first time this weekend
.....In the morning I applied 3 togo sprays of p93 and went to the cafe with my girlfriend (27) , an old male friend of hers (27) ...who was visiting from Sydney and a my girlfriends friend (21)
..... my girlfriend hooked them up the night before!
Although i tried to put all iv read aside there was a noticeable alpha like effect with p93 ....but not heavy or distancing like A314 .It seemed to enhance a friendly happy vibe in the group while placing me as a kind of leader.This could just be because im older than them.I'm not sure...

I had never met this new guy but he has two degrees and a top job at a major art gallery.Hes also 6.1 and very good looking....and all weekend it was like he was my best buddy.I didnt notice any competitiveness at all....we had a really fun weekend the four of us.

btw we had a picnic (same day) in the gardens close to a river.A big black swan come over and started acting very territorial and aggressive...and the first one he went for was me lol"

P93 -- Caucasian Attractant or The First Known Racist Pheromone?
Warren (January 6, 2009):
"...Given the diminished kinesthetics, I doubt that this aspect of P93 effects would be very sensual. Given that energy flow to the head is blocked, I doubt that it would be very spiritual except in a Calvanistic sense of the term. It would, however, make one appear attractive as a good team player who pulls his own weight and respects authority. It may enhance one's status in so far as he appears to be part of the (once) dominant culture and is clearly not the image of a deadbeat or moral reprobate."

MX203 and status
Forum Member Freebie Coupons 12/12/06 - 12/18/06 - P93 mix for men and A314 for Women
Jasmin (December 12, 2006):
"...1. The first pheromone test mix you get is MX203. This is heavy P93 based mix Michael made last week. Has lots of Alpha Androstenoland TAA , too. Comes in a base of what we've been calling our "PheroGame" cologne or Fragrance #6, which has similar notes to Cool Water, Unforgivable, Green Irish Tweed, etc. It's a simple, but bazooka like mix..."

Difference between MX200 and MX 203
smoothplayer (July 16, 2008):
"MX203 makes white girls smiley/friendly and somewhat flirtatious. It is subtle MX , almost like a toned down version of Ammo (which is already pretty subtle)...but with absolutely no negative reactions that you would get from men. I find MX203 to be perfect when used with a touch of androstenone , like in combination with either Ammo or NPA. NPA + MX203 is the bomb simply because I can cover NPA with Armani Black Code, and the scent goes with the MX203 scent well.

But I also use MX203 with Ammo with nice results. I just spray them both on my clothes, under the collar in the back of my shirt.

MX203 is just awesome with white girls. It makes them open, almost like a toned down version of Spaceland + Ammo (which is another great mix). MX203 not only has no negatives on men, it also gets you respect and friendliness from guys also. I think it's the status aspect of P93 that plays into it.

I have plenty of threads/posts on MX203. It's by far one of my favorite products. I would link them here, but I was just about to head out. If you click on Search, type in "MX203" and choose to search titles. You'll surely find a lot of threads that are only about MX203. I don't know much about 200 though."

First Day of School Mix.....NOT GOOD.
LifeT (September 3, 2008):
"it may be safer to just drop ammo and mx203 all together. i think -none is just too risky in a school environment no matter how tiny the amount. the P93 in the mx203 also has a tendency to create a 'high status' effect that's quite anti-social, coupled with none it can't be good. (not to mention the P93 is an instant asian-repeller)

if u have P74 make sure to use that, can't go wrong with instant effect and it's hard to OD on it."

MX 203+ Ammo + A314 =Best Class Mix so Far
magnum (November 13, 2008):
"...From my testing there seems to be an OD with MX203 when i use 3 or more sprays. I noticed that girls get nervous and hold less eye contact, one girl got goosebumps and fumbled with her collar. A few girls that flirted heavily with me when i had 2 sprays on avoided me with 3 sprays...
So i noticed that too much MX203 leads to some kind of unapproachability - i am not sure yet if thats due to an increased status effect -it might also be that the smell gets too intense.
I need further testing to come to a solid conclusion, but i haven't gone over 2 sprays after i saw this effect.

If my conlusions about status are right i would say you projected too much status as you already used 3x A314 "
[Journals section]
snakeeyesontheparadise (January 25, 2009) found that MX203 can be a status-upper worn on it's own, especially around women from anglo-saxon backgrounds. Those type of women treated him with more respect and status when he wore MX203 around them.

mx203 DEMOLITION + honesty BACKFIRE = draw
jayarea (March 2009):
"...setup and getup
showered fresh
~2s mx203 front neck. the first half spray that usually comes out was a lot bigger than normal, probably .75-.8 of a normal spray, then another full spray.
1s Instant Honesty back neck

button down shirt with the top button undone to release more of the 203, nice jeans, nice shoes. basically wanted to make a very good impression on everyone.

a simple mix to get a feel for things. i don't count this as an actual test since i've already broken some rules of good testing form, but it was a nice test in itself.

no self effects, but i do love game scent.

...sarah's friends enjoyed the mix too. i did not notice any adverse effects with the asian. if anything, she probably loved it just as much as sarah, if not more. all of them leaned in close at first to talk, then after a while, even when it wasn't necessary to lean in, they leaned in anyway probably to smell the mix. this led to the backfire i'll cover in the next section. still no negative or weird effects around guys. it could be that my mind was playing tricks on me but i think they got some status hits off it. i stand, they stand; i sit, they sit. as their friends visited them, they worked that status angle from my mix and dhv 'd their way to a good time..."

Approachability with P93 and MX203 - status or simply the 'no fuss, task orientated' mindset P93 promotes?
I have noticed this myself even with only 5 mcg of P93 on:
- at times people look at me differently then normal and almost as if I'm not there (and likewise I as the wearer towards other people);
- there is some kind of erratic 'eye contact' quite consistently happening.

I get the feeling both of these effects are related to P93 's effect of almost instantly creating a 'no fuss, task orientated focus' (see posts earlier in this thread) - you just don't feel like having an extended chat a lot of the time with it on and would much rather get on with and finish whatever task you need to do...

Concenus: Is P93 better than Instant Female Magic ?
Jasx69 (May 10, 2008):
"I've always used 2 sprays @25mcg and usually later in the day I would top it up with 1 more spray of 25mcg. It seems to be working as long as I have it on as I can tell from my targets when Im talking, if the eye contact drops then I top it up thats when I know somethings changed or wrong, when I have p93 on you can gage your targets they look at you differently then normal as if your not there sometimes or they sometimes dont look you directly in your eyes more like your nose or mouth normal people just look away without p93 with p93 they are still focused on your face but they move around your face quite abit quite erratic. But no more then 3 sprays of 25mcg a day."

Mx203 Report: Possible OD - Female Agitation!?
silver7447 (July 18, 2008):
"I work in a retail store as a department manager, and i'm always in contact with a bunch of customers and co-workers. I wore mx203 to work the other day and received VERY strange responses.

The first thing I noticed was:

Multiple customers, when in the middle of asking for my assistance, became tongue tied and lost their train of thought. One of them even going as far as saying "I'm sorry, nevermind, I forgot what I wanted to ask you." This occurred throughout the day along with the following.

Next I noticed something possibly similar to the ghost effect associated with an OD , because I would always greet and smile at entering customers (which is normally received well and reciprocated) but the tendency was for people to walk right past me and not even acknowledge me. The same was noticed among some of my co-workers.

I should add that I was NOT wearing any other pheros except for 1 spray of mx203 at 9am, and a second spray at 2pm. Has anyone else had similar experiences or have any ideas what may have caused this?"

Last edited by Visionary7903; May 1st, 2012 at 12:07 AM.
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Default Re: Pheromones for Pickup: Attraction, Comfort, Seduction

Well I have to say that ordered and all the products work fantasticly. I mean it they really work. The products I used were Ammo , Instant Female magic (discontinued), and turn up the heat . I will go into more detail on each in a later forum.

If you are a clubber... Ammo hits the spot. It works everytime and all the time.

Instan Female magic (discontinued) is a great door opener. It puts the woman at ease around you and allows them to feel compfortable with you, i.e. non threatening. It is good for everyday use, at the office and out and about. However, only spray it on the back of the neck. do not spray where you can smell it yourself. All the others I have tested are fine but IFM needs to be sprayed on the back of the neck. I put it on my neck the first time and it made me depressed. Not good lol.. Learned my lesson.

Last edited by Dee A; June 24th, 2017 at 06:55 PM.
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Default Re: Pheromones for Pickup: Attraction, Comfort, Seduction

I also used turn up the heat . It works great but also beware it has negative effects around guys. I learned this at work So do not wear it to the office. You can wear AMMO and IFM thought no problems there.

My wonder mix after months of trial and error's

Out and about/work, or what ever.

Two sprays of AMMO to the front of the neck one each side.
One spray of Instant Female Majic <to the back of the neck only>


Same mix as above but add a little more Ammo and take a pocket size with you for refreshing. And add Turn Up the Heat <one good spray to the chest>

This really works... I think I am going to try Double strength AMMO this time.

AMMO buy itself for the economically challanged like me works great. They all do!
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Default Re: Pheromones for Pickup: Attraction, Comfort, Seduction

hey all, this is what I've been using for these different uses.

A314 , AMMO , P83 , IO or IH , IS

Comfort: IFM (rip), Meo-Est (secret weapon), A314 (or IG if shy girl), IO , IS, I find MX327 can have a great calming or trusting effect on it as well... needs a bit more testing though

Seduction: TUTH , P83 , little meo- est , A314 for energy and confidence
'Not all who wander are lost'

Mones - A314, CTTM2, TUTH, IJ, IS, IG, IH, IO, Spaceland, AMMO, F22 AMMO, P83, MX297, MX327, MX200, MX291, Meo-Est, P74 - P79 TAL, TAF, TAA
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bman123 will become famous soon enough bman123 will become famous soon enough
Default Re: Pheromones for Pickup: Attraction, Comfort, Seduction

well i bought the seduction phase that jasmin recommended. Got it today so ill let you guys know how it turns out by friday. Im going to use it in class(college) and in thursday night at a club. im going to mix and match and use all or some of the products on different occations. wish me luck.
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bman123 will become famous soon enough bman123 will become famous soon enough
Default Re: Pheromones for Pickup: Attraction, Comfort, Seduction

so far so good. i had some girls interested while it never happend before.
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Default Re: Pheromones for Pickup: Attraction, Comfort, Seduction

We've now pheromone combos in spades since the early days of 2006. The new Sticky Thread is here. Join the party.
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Default Re: Pheromones for Pickup: Attraction, Comfort, Seduction

Bumping this one up for the new generation of pheromone users, and for the veterans who are still actively wearing, testing, and posting in the forums.

Would love to see new and updated combos coming from you guys, based on current items available in the store.

Happy Pheroing!


New!!! Perfume Oils for Women

Check this please to guide you on how to include that freebie in your $100+ order.

A314 sprays are back on stock!!!

Androtics has moved

We're Temporarily Shutting Down Androtics Direct

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