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Wink The perfect IH stealth experience!

I have been using these pheromones for about 10 years now and I have to say I was growing tired of the neroli scent. I loved it at first and have been using them just about everyday (completely addicted) so I guess its not that surprising to start to get bored. Anyways, I was beyond thrilled when the Stealth line was released. I went nuts and ordered my usual arsenal but all in the new unfragranced option!
I thought it best to try them each alone to test the efficacy. So the most recent experience was with IH stealth in a social setting with people I am acquainted with but don't know very well. I started the night with on spray on my knuckles and one spray on the top of my head. I'm short, and everyone is taller than me so I feel like that's a good place for people to get a whiff without dosing myself too much! There is a smell right at first, kinda musky, extremely faint and innocuous. The scent quickly dissipates and seems to melt in with your own personal smell. STEALTH MODE! On to making new friends!
It was a fairly crowded event, I would say 200- 300 people milling about. I had the chance to talk to the acquaintances before it got too crowded so I feel like I was able to dose them early on in the night
As the night went on I noticed that my friends and the people I had been introduced to through acquaintances had all started collecting around me. You know how people like to group together in really crowded social settings to create a little circle of comfort like a home base? Well I was home base! Ha! They might go get a drink or go dance for a minute but then they were right back next me after awhile. A few of the people, both men and women mind you, we're opening up to me, telling me stories about their love life and sharing bits of gossip conspiratorially! It was just hilarious and fun. My face actually hurt by the end of the night from laughing.
I enjoyed it because even though we had all just met or maybe just knew eachother through mutual acquaintances it all felt like we were old friends and were hugging by the end of the night. To be clear, it was definitely not flirty. When IH is used alone it doesn't really make me feel flirty or have that kind of effect on the people around me. I have a super amazing boyfriend so I wasn't trying to receive that kind of attention. It was very friendly and seemed to dissolve any social awkwardness or anxiety. Kinda like a really good cocktail...only I don't drink anymore, so for those like me, IH is a great nonalcoholic social lubricant I made new friends and feel like I made a lasting impression on the people I was introduced to. Plus I got to wear my fancy French perfume I love without any neroli scent getting in the way!
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