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Default Partner has childhood anosmia- sense pheromones?


My partner has anosmia since childhood. He was a nervous child and around the age of 7 he was vomiting a lot. What he thinks has happened is that the stomach acid traveling through his nasal passage destroyed his sense of smell. He is 28 years old now and cannot smell the strongest of smells. Below are my questions:

1) Do you think it will affect us in the long term since smell has a strong emotional imprint? Can he still sense pheromones from my body?

2) Can i use certain pheromones or perfumes that he will be able to sense, at least subconsciously?

3) Any person with anosmia out there can please advise me how you would like your partner to handle this situation?

4) I know its usually untreatable, but anyone has ever heard of anyone being of cured, or even partially? If so what was the procedure? He never had an official diagnosis at the doctor's so we don't know the extent of the damage.

anyone with information on any of the above questions may please advice!! Thank you for your time
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datadragon (April 15th, 2018)
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Default Re: Partner has childhood anosmia- sense pheromones?

Hello Sunchild , welcome to the forum.

From what I read, those with full true anosmia normally do not show brain activations (fmri) after smelling normal odors.

Pheromones in humans seem to get processed through the same main olfactory epithelium (not the VNO), however in fmri pheromones do also activate different areas of the brain causing effects in addition to the activation areas from the scent.

It seems that even when the scent of the pheromone was below threshold (too low to be detected), brain activations still showed up. Also there are brain activations in those with only specific anosmia to that one pheromone scent (not total anosmia, just unable to smell that one pheromone scent) in people with otherwise fully intact olfactory function. So its worth a try, depends on what is damaged as to whether he is able to be effected by your natural or the synthetic pheromones.

While we do respond very well to scent, men are more visual as to our attraction, and things like staring in the eyes, touch, sex will release all the bonding chemicals, so I think it wont effect relationships with a man nearly as much as it could with a woman who rely much more on scent cues.

The olfactory system is also known for some ability of regeneration...
Smell Training ? Fifth Sense

Our skin also contains olfactory receptors, and at least with sandalwood has been shown to have effects on wound healing. Whether through the air to the skin by diffusion or spraying directly on their skin, its untested if those receptors would process incoming steroid pheromones through the skin - asnomia would make a good test subject. There are steroid patches so its theoretically possible.

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Default Re: Partner has childhood anosmia- sense pheromones?

From what I read somewhere, incidences of anosmia can be temporary. The olfactory neurons, the nerve cells servicing the olfactory epithelium, are able to recover or regenerate after injury.

But of course, I am no expert, so my advice is for him to seek an eent specialist's advice.

He will still sense the pheromone. And although pheromones can be processed via the sense of smell, pheromones effect is not dependent entirely on the smell/odor. And the success of the stealth diffusing technology AD used in almost all of their product is proof of this.

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