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Default P79 + IS + Spaceland test and P79 +IS

Alrite, so i got my order - where i made a mistake and instead of ordering P74 in 10mcg 30ml, i ordered P79 in 10mcg 30ml Akuto with IShine and Spaceland . the funny thing is i didnt knew this until today, and i have been wearing P79 for 3 days straight in High doses with IShine . I got some really shocking results where i will post them later... but because i was so shocked when i found out I have been using p79 insead of p74 i had to post it here.

some of the results where i can remember from the top of my head.

3 spray of IS with 3 spray of P79 in 10mcg Akuto
after 1-2 hours 1-2 spray of each applied again.

I have been wearing this mix in past 3 days... and I DONOT FEEL SEXUAL AT ALL!!!!! People around me are soo nice, i have diff. seen some change in people's reaction some of them good and some of them bad but with what ever girl i talk i dont feel horny or turned on like usally happens to me.

first time i applied:
the mix

3 spray of IS with 3 spray of P79 in 10mcg Akuto
and 2 Spray of Spaceland 1 in my hair and one in my neck.

I felt chilled back, I was tired before.. but i feelt so energitic after that so i tried to do (what single men usually do, when they are alone dont ask for details) it didnt work i had an erection for 30 - 40 mins but i couldnt concentrate at all!

so in past 3 days what i have obsereved:
No sexual feelings/ allot of results, i will be posting them later/ people react friendly.

now that i found out it is p79 i will be wearing them with some other mixes... any suggestions...

one more thing... in last 2 days, i needed to study and i was really focused! excellent thing to use around school... i am about to take an aderall and spray 40-50 mcg of this .. lets see what happens after that.
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