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Default P121

P121 solo test

Got a freebie p121 5 mcg neroli and wanted to do a solo test.

5 mcg

1 spray to right side of neck and head out to run errands.

About 10 minutes into it I'm feeling a slight energy boost like mental clarity and a slight relaxation effect like a calm and serene feeling.

20 minutes later in at the store and feeling a strong sense of peacefulness and happiness. Like a joyful feeling but not too much that I cannot contain it.

No real hits noticed or anything like that.

10 mcg

At 25 minutes I go to the bathroom and add another spray to the left side of neck.

Immediately after this spray I start to feel clumsy and slow. My movements started to decline in speed and I felt droopy mentally but physically I still have adequate energy. I perceive this is becoming like a disinhibiting feeling.

Now it's been 30 minutes and I'm moving really slowly and calmly. I seem to be repelling people and/or ghosting seeing as women that I walk by don't notice me or even look at me.

It's been about 45 minutes and even though the majority of people are ghosting me, older women are super friendly and polite when letting me pass. Whereas everybody else doesn't seem to want to let me pass.
My self effects are a feeling of super calm serenity feelings.

At 42 minutes I'm feeling super calm kind of like a sativa cannabis high. Not to be mistaken with an indica cannabis high which makes you feel tired, but more of a functional high. My head feels slightly heavy. And eyes droopy.
Glancing over at beautiful women with nice bodies showing seems to leave a slight impression from what I'd normally feel which would be a strong attraction. This attraction is like impulsive - I don't necessarily am lusting for them but can't help but look and admire.

Upon checking out, the 50s Filipino lady ringing me up was very pleasant and we had a nice conversation and as I exited, the 50s white male clerk kindly told me to have a great day and holiday.

Thinking back of my stroll through the store I kept noticing scents... lady's perfumes, food, and upon walking outside, certain woods. At first I thought this was an enhancement of my sense of smell, but as I thought about it I was only picking up pleasant scents. I noticed no repulsive or negative scent. This would be the exact opposite of what p102 does for me. When I wear p102 all I seem to smell are disgusting scents. When speaking with people I smell strong odors of bad breath. So this molecule seems to do the opposite.

15 mcg

At around 53 minutes from the first spray I add another spray to right side of neck below the first spray.

It's been an hour and 5 minutes and I'm just feeling super high without the negatives like and motor impairments. My mind seems to be functioning on point but in an ultra relaxed state.
Also I keep having interesting flashbacks of my past.

I continue to feel euphoric. I'm having a hard time, actually impossible time, detecting foul smells. I ate some candy and it was exceptionally tasty. The music I'm listening to sounds really relaxing and I'm enjoying it.

So now it's been 1 hour 20 minutes since the first spray and I have 3 sprays 15 mcg total on.
I get home and decide to put the scent notion to the test. I have a dog who is relatively stinky most of the time and some reptiles who also have some foul smelling aquariums also. I got to smell all of them and I cannot detect a single foul odor.

30 mcg

So now I'm at 1 hour 25 minutes and decide to up the dosage and put 3 more sprays spread on my neck.

So as time is going by in seeing no significant difference by having the extra 15 mcg and the effects have remained consistently the same.


Scent - neroli , very pleasant

Rating - 9/10

Sillage - ~ 6 feet

Strength - 10/10

Consistency - 10/10

Proper dosage - 5-15 mcg

Length of effects - at least 4-6 hours

Self effects - disinhibitor, relaxant, sensory enhancer, feelings of pleasantness, uplifting, anti-depressant, anaphrodisiac, mental acuity.

Effects on others - causes pleasantness in others and friendly communication mostly to older people and younger people it causes ghosting effects.

Music comparison - I would compare this one to Irish Celtic music. There is such a serenity and pleasantness when wearing this one.

Final thoughts - I really like this putative . Seems like a good one to wear on a rainy day or while watching a heartfelt movie or perhaps just spending time with your loved ones. It really sets the mood to be at peace.
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Default Re: P121

Just bumping this thread to see if others have anything to add. I got a freebie of this one to and am a bit baked up with reporting and working on the last freebie that was shipped.
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