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Default The OFFICIAL MX411 vs Androstenone Discussion Thread

What is MX411 vs Androstenone?

MX411 vs Androstenone MX411 is a part of MX410-411 pack designed by John Sebastian as Androstenone replacements.

Effects: Social

Status: Currently In Production

Get MX here: MX410-411 vs Androstenone Test Pack (Grapefruit fragrance) :: MX Mix Packs :: Experimental Test Mixes :: Androtics Direct


Quote from original Release Thread [July 14th, 2011]:
NEW! Come be a part of this amazing period of discovery and progress. We believe we may have found an alternative to androstenone that many who find that those around them are too sensitive to real androstenone will be able to work with. As somebody who produces quite a bit naturally (and thusly must meter my -none usage) I am thrilled to start this experiment.

How to Test:
  • Spray like you would your usual cologne or perfume, on your usual pulse points.
  • This mix has been calibrated to work best at a two spray dosage. Start there but try everything.
  • We're seeking to understand how the diffusion component works with the pheromonal molecule. At least once test with your usual cologne, so we can see how the diffusion technology we are testing works with cologne.
  • Spray. Let dry. Sniff. Does the smell remind you of anything? What do you notice yourself feeling?

What to Report:
We're collecting data on a few parameters, which I'll explain here.

Strength- How strong did you feel the effects? On yourself? On others? Did it hit you over the head, or was it more subtle?

Length of Effects - When did you notice the onset of effects? When did you notice the outset? When did it peak? When did it wane?

Tenacity - Tenacity refers to ?staying power?, or the aggressiveness of the cologne. Does it seem to "attack" people around you, or is it more of a "slow burner"? Does it seem like you can point your fume in one direction or another?

Effectiveness & Consistency - How effective is this mix on a scale of 1-10 (1 bad, 10 killer)? Have its effects been consistent over time?

Diffusion/Sillage - Sillage refers to your ?vapor trail?. Think of it like the wake of a ship. How many feet/meters is your vapor trail? Do people seem to follow your silage?
Other weird questions that help clarify:
If it were music, what would it sound like?
If it had a texture, what would it feel like?
If it were edible or drinkable, what would it taste like?
What celebrity or public figure is it most like?
Ask yourself these questions during and after you've gotten a good feel of this mix.

Research Assistant
Androtics Direct

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Default Re: The OFFICIAL MX411 vs Androstenone Discussion Thread

Bumping this one for our dear reporting users. :-)

And subscribing! :-)
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