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Old June 25th, 2011, 08:04 PM   #1
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Default The OFFICIAL MX406 Discussion Thread

What is MX406?

Mixes inspired by Come Talk to Me Mix 2 (CTTM)

Fragrance: Neroli
Effects: Social

This experimental mix pack is three different plays on the original and beloved CTTM formula.

Status: Currently In Production

Get MX here:

Quote from original Release Thread [July 7th, 2011]:

NEW! This experimental testing pack contains mixes inspired by CTTM2. The formulas themselves vary in this pack so you get three completely different mixes with the same goal but you will find that they achieve this goal in three very different ways.
NEW! MXs Inspired by CTTM2 (Come Talk to Me) MX405-407

How to Test:

Spray like you would your usual cologne or perfume, on your usual pulse points.

This mix has been calibrated to work best at a two spray dosage. Start there but try everything.

We're seeking to understand how the diffusion component works with the pheromonal molecule. At least once test with your usual cologne, so we can see how the diffusion technology we are testing works with cologne.

Spray. Let dry. Sniff. Does the smell remind you of anything? What do you notice yourself feeling?

What to Report:

We?re collecting data on a few parameters, which I?ll explain here.

Strength- How strong did you feel the effects? On yourself? On others? Did it hit you over the head, or was it more subtle?

Length of Effects - When did you notice the onset of effects? When did you notice the outset? When did it peak? When did it wane?

Tenacity - Tenacity refers to ?staying power?, or the aggressiveness of the cologne. Does it seem to "attack" people around you, or is it more of a "slow burner"? Does it seem like you can point your fume in one direction or another?

Effectiveness & Consistency - How effective is this mix on a scale of 1-10 (1 bad, 10 killer)? Have its effects been consistent over time?

Diffusion/Sillage - Sillage refers to your ?vapor trail?. Think of it like the wake of a ship. How many feet/meters is your vapor trail? Do people seem to follow your silage?

Other weird questions that help clarify:

If it were music, what would it sound like?
If it had a texture, what would it feel like?
If it were edible or drinkable, what would it taste like?
What celebrity or public figure is it most like?

Ask yourself these questions during and after you've gotten a good feel of this mix.

Thank you,

Research Assistant
Androtics Direct

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Default Re: PUA + Mones Experiment.

July 27th, 2011

1 x mx406: split between wrists

temp: 69 degrees (inside)/94 degrees (outside)

Self Effects: Serious mood

Effects on others: Chatty about things that were bothering them, perhaps paranoia and immediate worry alleviation through discussion.

Weird experience with the MX406 test.

My girlfriend, who I'll call 'M', works from home.

I'm at her house quite a bit, so today I thought I'd try MX406.

She was on a confrence call, and I sprayed the mones on, and at first, nothing - nada - zip - zilch.

I started feeling a serious sorta feeling come over me, not sure why.

She got on a confrence call, and things seemed relatively normal, she took the lead of the confrence with her co-workers and such, and nothing really struck me as too unusual here.

After about an hour though, she said she was cramping so she was gonna go lay down (It's that time of month, wheee!), but the doorbell rang and the guy who sometimes cuts the grass was here.

Suddenly and without warning, she starts expressing her concerns about how she wanted me to be sure to lock the doors, and how she didn't want to let the dogs out, and she asked me if i could pay the guy (with her money, I'm not paying the tab...) and tell him that she was asleep so he wouldn't knock on the door......

Then she went on to say that he knocks on the door asking for water a lot, also knocking on the door through every step of the process to tell her just about anything to do with mowing the grass, and that it annoyed her and she didn't want to be woke up, plus the knocking would wake up the dogs.

THEN, she started a convo about making sure that I locked the doors when I left because the guy weirded her out and she was used to having me there and it made her feel safe and protected.

It seems like she was voicing a lot of fears and paranoia - not like M's usual self at all.

Then, she started worrying and talking about her dog, for a bit.

I went outside to talk to the guy, and he chatted away about his girlfriend being pregnant, how he got a public intoxication and was trying hard to find a job, about the job market, etc.

(I can't say much since I was griping about the job market and the state of the USA too.)

Overall, first impressions?

WEIRD mix.

Lots of chattiness but about stuff that isn't the greatest of subject matter, M seemed paranoid and snappy, and the common denominator was people talking about their immediate worries and concerns.
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Default Re: The Lion's Journal

Pheromones tested:
3.5s MX406(inspired by cttm) (1.5s to front of neck + 2s to the wrists)

small house party, a dozen people, ages 20-31

around 70°F

None. I rarely get self-effects, so nothing unusual.

Although I usually start testing with 2 sprays, this time I applied 3.5 sprays ten minutes before joining the party to get more blatant effects. I wanted to see this mx pack at work. All the guests were within a range of 3-4 metres of each other at all times.

About 30mins in, the guy who is usually quite reserved and who talked to me last time is standing 1 metre away and comes up to me and starts asking me questions again. Although it's just one minute of small talk, it's not what you would expect from him.

Other than that though, there were no hits whatsoever. I could not even detect a different overall mood or chattiness in people. However, I did feel not a self-effect per se, but a different attitude towards me. I was still respected by everyone and treated in a friendly way but it seemed I was not that important to them. Instead of lighting up, it appeared like I became a little less visible. I admit that I rarely if ever use only socials without none or rone and now I remember why - it felt weird.

I will test 405 in different surroundings in a larger crowd of people to see whether it can live up to its name there. Maybe I can get the cttm-effect around strangers.

1 metre

Length of Effects:
2 hours

  • effect insignificant
  • weaker than IO/IH
  • "unimportant" presence

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Default The OFFICIAL MX406 Discussion Thread

I've been testing MX406 for about a week now. One thing I've noticed is that it works more on me than my targets. I did have one great moment testing it when I wore it with AMMO World. I went to the pizza shop and there was this woman waiting on her pie when I walk in. I stood behind her and turned around immediately. I smiled at her then she started saying that I smelled good and wanted to know what kind of pizza I was ordering. We talked for about 3 minutes then she left. I'll be testing MX406 stand alone for the weekend to complete my testing on it.
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NFN (May 24th, 2014)
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Default Re: The OFFICIAL MX406 Discussion Thread

Bumping this one for our dear reporting users. :-)

And subscribing! :-)
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Default Re: The OFFICIAL MX406 Discussion Thread

My Report on MX 406 Batch #1B030068

Day 1

2 sprays on neck 1 left and 1 right. I didn't get any self effects that I noticed. I ran some errands and went to a few small local stores and the only thing I got was when I talk to any one they seem open so this does something. Not a night and day differance but a subtle effect.

Day 2

I use use 3 sprays 1 left 1 right and 1 throat. So my wife mentions going to a funeral later for her friend. I think to myself this will be interesting so I say sure. So we end up going 2 hours after application and I notice people are more open when I meet them. People seem more talkative for not knowing me and just meeting me. Again it is very subtle. So this MX does work but you have to work with it. People of all ages men and woman Caucasian, Hispanic, and Indian it worked on.

So this MX is OK. People seem more receptive when you talk to them. This can be useful. This is about the only effect I got out of this.

Strength 5

Length&Effectiveness 5

Tenacity 5

Sillage is around 4 feet

Diffusion I give a 5 doesn't last long

So this didn't last long around 3 to 4 hours. Also didn't seem to work unless I was face to face talking with someone.

I really wish I could report more on this but this is all I got.
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