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Morning Sickness in Men
Morning Sickness in Men
Published by toilofday
February 15th, 2007
Default Morning Sickness in Men

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Male pregnancy rollercoaster
Thursday, 6 January, 2000, 02:11 GMT

Male pregnancy rollercoaster

The developing foetus drives hormone changes

Men accompany the mother of their child on a nine-month hormonal roller coaster, it has been discovered.
Canadian researchers have shown that expectant fathers' hormones fluctuate up and down, mimicking their partners' levels.
During pregnancy, levels of several hormones rise in an expectant mother; prolactin which triggers lactation, cortisol which is related to a mother-baby bonding and the main female sex hormone, oestradiol. Immediately after the birth, the levels crash.
Anne Storey of Memorial University, Newfoundland, and her colleagues wanted to find out if the same was true for men.
Drastic changes
New Scientist reports that they recruited 34 couples from an antenatal class and took blood samples at different times during and after the pregnancies.
Pregnant man: A 1970s Health Education Council advertisement

The researchers found that in fathers, levels of cortisol, prolactin and testosterone changed significantly during their partners' pregnancies.
"The differences for mums were much more drastic, but the patterns were similar," says Dr Storey.
Testosterone dropped by 33% just after the baby's birth, and the lower levels of testosterone were associated with men becoming more parental, the researchers found.
Dr Storey speculates that a combination of behaviour and pheromones from a pregnant woman somehow prompts the father to prepare for the birth of his child: "There's something about the couple being together that sets the stage."
Crying on cue
The team also asked fathers about changes that might signal a "sympathetic pregnancy", such as fatigue, change of appetite and weight gain. Fathers who reported these symptoms also had higher prolactin levels and a steeper drop in testosterone than those who did not.
Finally, the researchers studied short-term changes. After giving a blood sample, volunteers listened to a six-minute tape of a newborn baby's cries and watched a video about the difficulties of learning to breastfeed. Thirty minutes later, their blood was sampled again.
The researchers found that both the men and the women experienced pronounced hormonal changes after exposure to the baby cues, with cortisol levels plummeting.

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By ElectraComplex on June 8th, 2009, 05:08 PM
Default Re: Morning Sickness in Men

Its also known as Couvades Syndrome and my sons father had it hard and fast morning sickness and all.I told him on one hand it wasn't fair I was the one being sick but on the other hand it was fair because he had to deal with almost everything I did.So many times I wished we'd gotten the double bathroom with our apartment.

Couvade syndrome - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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