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Default Re: Love and the Fallout effect on women by Pheromones

Originally Posted by ScentHound View Post
I know you've spent considerable time pondering this fallout phenomenon, so if you don't mind, could you maybe share some of your thoughts on the matter?

Why do you think A314 is so unique when it comes to triggering fallout ?

One thing I can think of is that most blends these days contain molecules that lift moods, and if that is increasing serotonin as I proposed it would counteract true fallout unless the person already had very low serotonin when used in higher ratios. At minimum for example, using DHEA-S or DHEA with A1 does lessen greatly the lethargy and depression on men and makes A1 usable a bit more often, but it lessens the crushy/ fallout effect....Thats ok for a normal blend that has feel good properties just not for inducing true fallout . Even androsterone + b -nol can imprint, and several blends have imprinting and crushy feelings but a real OCD like fallout is pretty rare.

So at the moment I'm left to think a true fallout version should be sold separately and maybe used only initially then infrequently rather then a daily use, as its always going to cause self effects as well of lowering serotonin in both people... Interestingly, I just noticed there was mention of depression in A314 club section. Anytime you see depression, it may indicate molecules are having lowering effect on serotonin. I'm sure we could counter it without losing the fallout with supplements instead which I've already tested a few.
I think they should bring back A1 as well, it just needs to be understood its not something to use every day no matter whether you see neg effects or not.

The obsessive thoughts feature you mentioned on the competitor blend in my testing I believe to be in part the molecule that I believe is P86 here. Interestingly there I found in solo testing all the features were two way, the beauty, the thinking about the other person so now I'm even more sure a lot has to do with that molecule.... Wonder if the tiredness is a serotonin lethargy drain? P96 is also somewhat capable with less of the self effects.

Originally Posted by monesmadedoit View Post
I wouldn't exclude TAF in IH, but my tests show a putative at about 500 nanograms is responsible partly for making IH different from plain BNOL or CTTM.
Yes, IH description lists the same 3000 amount of total pheromones as IO but shows 3 instead of 2 molecules. So while IO is 15mcg/spray, 70% A -nol (10.5mcg)/30% B -nol (4.5mcg) per spray, and CTTM is 50-50 (7.5), IH isnt exactly just 70 B -Nol , 30 A -nol since a small amount of a third molecule is present. Small because the total phero levels are the same as IO . IH also imo does perform better then 2 competitor products that do not have this third molecule. Perhaps its a verbal disinhibitor and bonding like P97, or less likely P83 , P79 or P85 which is said to be used in some consumer formulas and smooths over social mixes and enhances conversations, havent looked into it as its a good blend already made up.... Personally, I had played around in various doses/ratios with Epiandrosterone, Beta -Nol , and Alpha -Nol (higher ratio), as well as Alpha Androsterone, Beta -Nol (higher ratio), Alpha -Nol , and P83 which interestingly completely killed the shields up and had women approaching and comfortable talking to me.... And then combining that with things when I wanted it more sexual/attraction like Enone , Tuth , NPA or enone /cops or enone / A1 etc when I was playing around...

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