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Default Instant Openness - getting people to open up - great for bonding

Instant Openness

True to its name I find that overall it does work and like what I have read in reviews of many others. It seems to help people to "open up". The common side effect seems to be making everyone chatty! People more willing to talk, conversations flow a little easier. I love best using it in social situations like family gathering or parties.

The effects on others are amazing, in a work setting I have found on many occasions that my collegues became exceptionally chatty as well, we kept indulging in small chats here and there throughout the day. It does seem to get people to open up to you, but it works 2 ways so be careful.

I have noticed it does give me a little self effects, on more than a several occasions I have been aware that I was a little more exceptionally chatty but no worries as it was nothing over the top. Similarly to Instant Honesty , to avoid self effects just spray away from your face area. I personally spray behind my neck when I dont really want self effects that that helps decrease unwanted self effects.

Conjurator suggested applying at the wrists or back of hands. I have actually tried at my wrist but because I tend to touch my hair and face a lot throughout the day I think I ended up breathing a lot of it But I do think spraying at wrist is a good idea for anyone who doesn't have habits like me. somechick03862 suggested putting at the back of your hand and back of your head in the hair. I mention in here because I thought it might be helpful to those trying to avoid being more chatty while trying to get others to open up more like me

There was a few occasions where I decided to be a little more adventurous and applied 2 sprays instead of 1. I must admit, curiosity got the better of me! At the end of it, I felt that I definitely overdosed, because I was so chatty that I ended up talking most of the time in any social situation during those days. And I definitely blabbed on a few things I should not have.

The upside of it, is that it also got my collegue to open up, and during those days for the first time she actually started sharing with me about her slightly more personal problems. It was definitely new for me.

To take things to another level, I tried 3 sprays once. I dont know what got into me. I got up that morning thinking what if I tried not 1, not 2 but 3 sprays! And hell with it, I did it. That day I felt noticeably more irritable than usual. But I also did feel a little more energetic for a short period of time. Like a spike of energy for short periods of time. Is it Instant Openness at work? Unfortunately that very same day, boss and Colleagues also seem more irritable with me than usual. We almost got into a little disagreement during the meeting. Maybe it just wasnt my day. I was also slightly more aggressive but assertive, considering I am pretty passive at work this was new to me, but things were a tad too serious for me. So that was the first and last time I tried 3 sprays.

So thank you for taking time out to read my ramblings. Overall, I do think that Instant Openness works great in getting people to make small talk, to talk more and basically "open up". As also mentioned in my review of Instant Honesty , I have found that Instant Honesty paired with Instant Openness is one of the most powerful combination I have ever experienced to engage deep conversations and issues. But if you are just looking for light hearted chats and getting people to talk more around you, I think Instant Openness might just be your answer
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