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Default Re: Hedione increases one night stands and sex behavior in women

Analyses of volatile organic compounds from human skin from the upper back and forearm skin and to assess any variation across 25 healthy subjects. Collection of skin VOCs using solid-phase microextraction (SPME) will collect low molecular weight compounds that are volatile (fly off the body) at body temperature using two complementary sampling techniques, SPME and solvent extraction.

Decanal and Nonanal are in the SPME analyses of whats coming off the skin from the back and forearm for almost every subject. Both trigger VN1R1 like hedione and are proven here to fly off the body as well. We did, however, see significantly greater amounts of nonanal (but not octanal or decanal) in older subjects (regardless of gender). No significant differences relating to gender were observed for any of the compounds present in either extract or SPME samples.

"The C8-C12 aldehydes (odd and even carbon numbers) were present in the SPME analyses for almost every subject. "

Interesting that hedione was also found to be coming off the skin in this study as well.
Methyl 2-pentyl-3-oxo-1-cyclopentyl acetate (methyl dihydrojasmonate or hedione)

C10 is Decanal, C9 is Nonanal. Top is older people, Bottom younger.

VOCs from skin derive from eccrine, sebaceous and apocrine (sweat) gland secretions and their interactions with resident skin bacteria.

Sebaceous glands are concentrated on the upper part of the body. The upper chest, back, scalp, face and forehead may have as many as 400-900 sebaceous glands cm-2. Most acids, alcohols and aldehydes found in skin secretions apparently originate from the interactions between sebaceous gland secretions and cutaneous bacteria.

Apocrine glands are concentrated in the axillae, pubic area and areolas. Apocrine secretions are the chief source of underarm odorants (commonly known as body odour) and play a role in chemical signalling (for a review see Wysocki and Preti.) E3M2H is the primary in the axillae carried by odor binding proteins. Many previous studies have focused on VOCs emanating from the axillae, which reflect some contribution from all skin glands located in the axillae.

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