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Default Fulfillment formulator update

As I mentioned last week, our fulfillment formulator would be going in for an MRI today.

She will be working on Saturday and Sunday, but she has had most of the day off today in order to get that done. Once it is over, I am not sure when she will get her results. I have no idea if it is instant, or if it takes time, or what.

I do know that she was stepped back to a higher dosage of her original antiseziure medication. Something called valproic acid. She says she is getting used to and can better function with a higher dosage of that, than the other medication she tried which made her feel like lead. So she?s been adapting, and making the best out of a difficult situation. This is good.

Until every package is out, she has committed to a 6 day a week work schedule, albeit with a 1 to 2 hour break a half hour after she has to take her medication.

We have found that this is what works best with her.

She says the medication usually takes about a half an hour to kick in. Once it does, she says it gives her an incredibly low tired & disoriented period for 1 to 2 hours afterwards.

By resting during that time, she is then ready for another 5 to 6 hours of work. That is what have to work with. It is what it is.

Most people understand this, and I am very grateful for the vast amount of people that do. We all appreciate you greatly, and I do personally.

However, I have seen some comments where people do not seem to understand the reality of the human condition. Not sure if we have some aliens or genetically modified superhumans on the forum or what? Maybe they are just people that watch a little too much cinema. Whatever it is, though, I can say with complete confidence that life doesn?t work that way.

In reality, people are not bulletproof. In reality, Bulletproof Coffee does not make you bulletproof, either. That is just puffery. In real life, people can only do the best they can with the circumstances they have been given. She is certainly a trooper for doing that.

As she is performing a nearly irreplaceable role, we are just grateful that she is been figuring out how to *work around* her condition. Initially, she had no idea how to handle the medication. Now she is getting a handle on it as she is been getting used to it. She is learning.

The fulfillment formulator is a role few people want to fill, and for the few interested, it takes many months of training and experience.

Just because we are doing what no other store ever has for more than decade, in no way means any of this is particularly easy. That is like thinking that what Olympiads do is easy. It only looks easy because you are not doing it.

For the naysayers, I could just as easily turn around and ask why you do not have an IQ of 230 yet, a Lamborghini like Tai Lopez, and the body of a UFC fighter. But I wont, as its actually kind of nuts to have such expectations. Lets keep things sane here, people. Please.

We have heard you and trying to do our best as mere mortals. Completely unrealistic expectations do not help that, however.

Running a *typical* ecommerce store is easy *compared* to how Direct has and still is run.

As our new hires (both of which come from other ecommerce stores) will tell you, Direct is *not* easy. Nothing *typical* about Direct. Custom and customized first world, high potency class chemistry products is unique in the ecommerce world.

As someone said to me the other day, even custom clothing makers such Turnbull & Asser have a much easier job, as they don not need to use all sort of inconvenient safety procedures when they do their work. When I think about it, that?s absolutely true. Other customization businesses don?t require special air to breathe, special gloves, special venting or anything else that a business that handles chemicals requires.

When we have a typical ecommerce shop up, we will be able to do what typical ecommerrce shops do. We can operate those with the same expectations of other typical ecommerce shops.

But for the final days of Direct, all we can do is what Direct did. Just more slowly than it typically operated, since we are down 5 veteran workers, and 1 of our veterans left has been experiencing a medical issue that is truly out of her control. None of that is in our control.

Nor can we cannot change the business model of Direct in its final week.

We can do is change the business model of NEW projects, however. That is where your feedback can make more of a difference. It is especially easy to change things BEFORE they are up and operational. After a system has been started up, they are much more difficult to alter.

If people really don not ever want to see a Direct type model ever again, then let us know, and we will consider cancelling Androtics Lab completely. No point in making what people will not understand. If in 2018, all people can understand is what is now the normal China -> Retail model, maybe that?s all we should be working on ourselves.

Thanks for your understanding,

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Default Re: Fulfillment formulator update

What happened with the formulator?
She had been feeling 'funny' for several weeks. Often felt like she wasn't there, or that she had lost time somehow. People would sometimes have to work harder than normal to get her attention.

She thought she must have been from the extremely low humidity working in Las Vegas. That her brain must 'shriveling up like the desert'.

However, when she went to use electrolyte drinks, things would worsen, not improve. Very confusing for her, as she had always enjoyed the feeling from these beverages. Most people do. I personally love water with added electrolytes, even the occasional Gatorade or two.

When she went back to her family in LA area for Christmas, she went to the old health stores she was used to and got the really strong electrolyte supplements. Shortly thereafter, she ended up with her first full blown seizure.

Her old friends and family thought she was joking at first, but she wasn't. It was completely uncontrollable. Never experienced anything like it before. She started to realize this was not dehydration. This was something else entirely.

To keep her medical costs reasonable, she visited her family doctor from the LA area, and was placed on this first anti seizure medication.

Her doctor expected this would be a temporary condition, by virtue of the fact that you do not see refills authorized. As you can see from the photo, it was merely a 2 month supply with no refill authorized.

Unfortunately, the starting dosage didn't work completely.

Several weeks later, she was placed on a supposedly stronger drug, but it had even worse side effects. Nor did it do the job as well.

What was discovered was that she was having 'distance' seizures more often than the full blown ones. The new medication didn't address distance seizures at all. Valproic acid did, but only at higher doses that originally prescribed.

Now she is on approximately twice the dose you see on the bottle, and has been instructed to gradually increase or decrease this by 1 pill per week as needed. Enough to remove seizure activity completely, but not so much it makes her comatose. She's also now in contact with a closer doctor that is able to test her blood levels of this drug.

She says her family doctor hoped she was suffering from temporary poisoning from the numerous environmental toxins we get exposed to daily in America. Hotels, apparently, spray more pesticides during the holidays to control bed bugs. Some of these cause temporary seizure activity or other 'weird' mental phenomenon in prone individuals. Which is really interesting. You learn something new every day.

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like that's the scenario because it's been too long lasting.

This is looking like a long term condition that must be handled with medication. Unfortunately, all seizure medication apparently has powerful side effects. The actual source of this brain activity is something the hospital will have to figure out. It's beyond what a typical family physician can do.

For now, she's made peace with the higher dosages of valproic. She says aside from making her kind of slow, and destroying an hour or two each of usable time she takes a pill (due to nausea and a feeling of 'too much slowness' and heaviness), she otherwise feels capable of doing things again.

Her hope is retuning. The other medication she was placed on made her feel like her life was over.

So it's all relative. She may not be able to live as full a life as before, but at least she's grateful she's alive and may be able to work around the drug side effects.

She is certainly committed to finishing up the work at Androtics Direct as we phase out this chapter in the company's history. She may also be able to stick around for Androtics Labs or other projects that we create here.

We'll certainly be glad to have her, even if she needs more help or more time than usual. We, too, are just glad she's alive and seemingly OK, even if she is more disabled than she used to be.

We've always stuck behind our employees when they've had trouble, as we've stuck behind our loyal customers when they've needed additional help.

Direct may be overly complex to run, especially in this day and age. But at least we've always been a family here. That's a good thing.

Thanks for your understanding
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