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Default First Hits from Ammo + MX297

I really didn't think I'd be writing this so soon, let alone at all! Needless to say, I'm in awe...

I placed my order on 12/17 for Ammo regular strength and MX297 , both were togo "testers." FedEx claimed that they would deliver on 12/23, so imagine my surprise when I found a package on my doorstep on Saturday, 12/20! Pheromones are strange and powerful! So now comes the bigger question, what to do? Little did I realize just how powerful these two mones really are...

After unpacking the two bottles, (yay, no leaks!), I sniff them. Rank ass... I remember reading a review by another member who would normally wear a cover scent because he thought the mones smelled like cat pee. One day he was caught without any covers, and worried about being called out on the cat pee, except his target loved the scent, to her it didn't smell like cat pee at all. After smelling the rank ass smell, I mentally prepare for a leap of faith, "Self, these may smell like ass in the bottle, but they *will* smell better when you apply them. If not, just tell people you are coming from work..." It was a good talk.

Remember when I said I didn't realize how powerful these products are? As fate would have it, an ex from years ago chooses that moment to text me on Facebook. If Ammo and MX297 can get an ex to text me from miles away, holy shit, I'm in for a wild ride!! Excitedly, I respond, thinking that this would be a great test. I honestly have no interest in her, so the idea of her getting all amped up for nothing sounds like a good plan. We make plans to get together after she gets off of work.

I start getting ready. I take a shower with my beloved Dial Magnetic. Does it work? Hell if I know, but *I* like the scent. It's never given me an edge before, but hey, *I* like it. Dig out my nice clothes, figure I'd dress up a little for the date. BTW, "dress up" for me is a semi-clean pair of jeans, a subdued Hawaiian shirt, and workboots.

For application, I put on 3 sprays of MX297 on my neck, and spread it around with the back of my hands. It actually smells quite nice, and not like rank ass. My pep talk with myself was moot.

Self effects - I don't really know. I feel a little more in control, but nothing noticeable. I'll have to test again, so I can put my finger on what I really feel.

Start driving to the bar and my phone chirps. Ex got popped for overtime. No problem, I say, I've got to do some shopping anyway. I'll hang in the area for a bit and see if we can't make something work.

Pull into Target. At this point, I'm pretty sure the date with the ex isn't going to happen, so I decide to go big, and do 2 sprays of Ammo before walking into the store to shop. 2 sprays to the neck, also rubbed around with the back of my hands.

Self effects - This I can put my finger on. I'm feeling good! It took me a little bit to notice that I'm walking with the "Jax Swagger," (that's the best way I can explain it. Jax, from Sons of Anarchy, has a defined walk. It's a cross between walking with purpose, and a gangsta shuffle).

Now for the good stuff. Thank you all for sticking with me this far. If you've just skimmed to this part, meh, ya didn't miss all that much anyways.

Effects on others - Guys don't seem as indifferent as normal, there's more eye contact. They move out of my way, say "excuse me," and are being more polite. It's not a "Yes, sir!" vibe I'm getting, it's more of a, "Hey, this guy is more important" vibe. Maybe it's because I'm 6'3" and pushing 330#, maybe it's the mones , I don't know.

Women - there's more eye contact. Not indifference, but moreso curiosity. Also, there's more smiling. Maybe it's because of the mones , or maybe it's just because it's Christmas.

Hit - This was blatantly obvious. It was so obvious, Stevie Wonder would have seen it. I'm checking out, and figure I'd pick a woman who was roughly in the same age bracket as I, and had several people in front of me so I could watch her reaction to them and compare it to the reaction I got. The men in front of me go, and it seems like a well scripted dance. Hi, did you find everything ok? ...Your total is... Here's your change, have a nice day... It's as clinical as a colonoscopy, there's almost no emotion, no interest, nothing.

I'm finally up to the cashier, so I make it a point to stand close to the counter, and in a spot where my scent was blowing in her direction. All of a sudden this woman is chatty. She has to comment on every single item I'm buying. (Note to self, always grab a pack of condoms, just in case...) Nobody in front of me received this treatment. She's looking at me with a smile, and talking some more. We talk while she finishes ringing everything up, and I pay.

Now for the obvious. The cashier goes to hand me my receipt, and leans way over the counter to point out that if I take a survey, I could win some money on a gift card. Hmm, I didn't hear her explaining this to the others, nor did she lean over the counter *at all* for them. But for me, I get the full treatment! Winning! Me being the gentleman who just happens to have bad eyesight, I take a step in so I can "see" what she's pointing to on the receipt. She leans further over, (I really thought she was going to topple over), and makes sure I know her name, (I forgot it already...), and if I could "...please, PLEASE, mention my name on the survey..."

To be honest, I was skeptical about mones . I didn't think I would get a hit like that, let alone on my first trial run! I read the reports from other users, and figured that you only hear the hits, and almost never hear the misses. I don't expect to get a hit every time out, (law of averages and stuff), but I'm coming to believe that with a little research, I'll get decent hits with better frequency, like those reports I've been reading thus far!
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