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Default The difference between natural and synthetical pheromones

I just tried my first set of Ammo , A134 and IH

I have a woman at work who has IH -pheromones naturally and has had it all her life. Anyone who comes in contact with her in a private 1 on 1 talk immediatly just spews out everything, no matter how private. It's insane. I'm an introvert (infj in the myers briggs) and i'd never spill my secrets - until I was in a room alone with her. When I got out I was thinking "what in the flaming tits of hell just happened? why did I tell this woman these things?"

I was amazed with how well Ammo worked! Paired with IH it was a really good hit-day. No DIHLs but a ton of IOI 's and a muslim woman kept showing me selfies of herself with her hair out and she kept playing with her hijab (since she cant play with her hair) in my presence.

My natural pheromones when peaked are much stronger and much , much larger radius. I've had women 20 metres (60 feet away) DIHL me, cashiers etc. But that is usually when my hormones / testosterone are going bananas from a long streak of semen retention and after a heavy work out with a lot of heavy squats involved. With these synthetic ones I noticed you have to have the victim within your "cloud"-radius so to speak. Which is not that large.

When I first went in to the coffee room after applying my ammo and IH , a couple of women seemed confused and kept looking around until they locked in on me (they're all 30+). I almost started laughing cause I thought to myself "jesus fuck it really works"

Tomorrow I will be doing a heavy work out in the morning and I'm at 2 weeks since my last ejaculation from a wet dream, so I wonder how much that's going to affect. I will take it easy with adding the ammo , maybe 1x ammo and 1x IH instead of 2x of each.

The alpha changed peoples behaviour to me to something I wasn't comfortable with really, i'm more the playful, always laughing, charming don juan and alpha made others around me very stiff and too respectful to me. I will try the alpha again at a later point, maybe it was too much because I had added 2x ammo and 1x IH to the alpha. I'll try the alpha solo someday

Also when my natural pheromones are strong I can actually *feel* the magnetism from women in a way that is hard to describe and my eyes will lock to theirs in a much, much natural way, it's on autopilot or something, like some instinct thing, very hard to describe. I can't feel that with the synthetic pheromones in the same way I think
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Default Re: The difference between natural and synthetical pheromones

Great post, I was curious about the use of instant shine to replicate the power of semen retention. It may help enhance it.
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