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Default CTTM vs IO

So I have been wondering for a while now, what is the difference between CTTM and Instant Openness ? And if to decide between the two, which to choose?

I have purchased both Instant Openness and CTTM 2.0. I started my journey with the Instant Female Wardrobe - To Go Version and would recommend to anyone whose first time trying out, because it has everything to start and small bottles makes it easy to carry around in my purse.

CTTM also known as MX777, stated on the androtics website as great for parties, and even making new friends in a new setting when you don't know anyone. It can also be used in certain work situations as a social lubricant.

Instant Openness is stated on the androtics website as "A great way to get things started." It allows you and those around you to just "Relax and watch the barriers melt away. " Usable at work and with friends, new or old, Instant Openness helps to lighten the mood and increase the flow (quantity) of communication.

I guess I should also mention that I have also noticed that CTTM seems to be a more popular favourite among the the 2, and frankly I'm NOT certain of the reason so I wanted to start this thread so we can figure this out together but I guess I must admit that after experimenting here and there, I do seem to lean towards CTTM too, what about you?

In my personal experience, I have found CTTM to be softer and gentler than IO . I find that with IO while it gets people to "open up", and helps to dissolve personal space. I find that IO was better with 1 on 1 kind of situation. I found IO to be a little more intense than CTTM , but still usable at parties and gathering. It gets people chatty and lots of small talk here and there.

While with CTTM , I find that in social situations I was able to immerse myself into new groups much easier, and it was easier to get people to gather around me and chat. Everyone got along and looked happy. I never felt chatting in a group could be easier before. It felt extremely comfortable and people seem to be comfortable around me too. I love the light hearted and fun chats that came out of these sessions.

Whereas with IO , I did not get the gathering around situation as much, and I noticed was the one inserting myself into the group. With IO , I find that when paired with Instant Sexiness A/B, women might even tend to avoid me. Which is not really what I am looking for, because I was trying to have an attraction factor while mingling in new groups. I still want to talk to women and not just the men so its strange if the women dont seem to want to connect with me.

I have tried CTTM , paired with Instant Sexiness A/B, and women are still very welcoming and chatting comes very easily as well as with the men. I love the gathering around effect that happens every now and then because I dont have to consciously seek people out. HAHA!

With IO , I do find that people are more likely to remember me on first impression and it did seem to help renew connections with my friends and family especially when speaking 1 on 1. On a few occasions, people whom have never done so before spoke to me about their more personal issues.

However, one significant difference to me was the self effects. I think I might feel that IO comes across stronger than compared to CTTM is because of the self effects I experience with IO . IO made me more chatty and sometimes I cant stop talking if i overdose as mentioned on my review of the IO here

But with CTTM , I dont seem to feel as much self effects, while still getting people to get comfortable around you and talk. I even spray it on my chest haha! But I can never do that with IO .

Overall I think CTTM is great in getting people comfortable around you and want to hang around you. People seem to get along, and conversations are light hearted and smooth. With IO , I find that while its still great for parties and gathering like CTTM . I find IO a tad more serious in nature and more effective for one on one time with individuals because it gets them to "open up" about a little more deeper stuff and paired with IH ( Instant Honesty ), you are definitely down for some serious talk. I use that combo when I want to talk to my man about more serious issues.

Please do share if you have any discovery too because I would love to hear about them as I am still learning and tweaking what I use day to day and situation to situation. Thanks for reading
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Default Re: CTTM vs IO

I actually got and tested the CTTM MX pack MX405 -407 and is in my journal if you are interested in the reports and is what the CTTM2 is based from.

With IO it is more an ice breaker to get things started and is best for me when using to meet more complete stranger or people I never met before as it open them right up and gets them chatty. Very good for shy people to as it opens them right up. People can get very chatty and about random things to.

With the CTTM it is more like a mix of IO / IH and I think you will like this one. It will still open people up, but also provides bonding and trust to. What I do is use the Io in an environment like clubs and bars when I need to open up strangers then use this one to transition things to get there trust. What I would do in fact is use a very small amount of IO and then use some of this to create that trust/bonding vibe.

IH I use in more environments where people know me already especially church. I use the IH at work to mainly.

So the order would look like this


With CTTM you could use instead of the IO , but you may have to up your opening skills a little to get people to open up, but once you do this people will trust you and IO can get people very chatty about random nonsense sometimes where the CTTM the conversations will be slightly more in depth and meaningful where the IH the conversations are very in-depth with more feelings involved and people tend to talk about more personal things instead of just rambling on about random things.
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Default Re: CTTM vs IO

Great quesiton and reply. I am looking at purchasing MX777 soon.
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Default Re: CTTM vs IO

MX777 is no more. I can't see it in the store except on the image used for the Mix Pack links. Try getting CTTM2 instead.


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Default Re: CTTM vs IO

My experience with IO as a shy person made me a free for all conversationalist, it was much more effective with self effects then I presumed ? I recall myself being TOO chatty and revealing things I shouldn't be talking about (about ex's and feelings and a therapy session to people I barely knew ), I lost my last order of Cttm but now I will likely order up a new one to try it out, I'm looking for more social mones to try - thank you for the informative post!
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Default Re: CTTM vs IO

IO contains 70% Alpha androstenol to 30% beta androstenol which makes most people exposed very chatty about anything and even strangers seem to be ok with starting up a chat. To me it adds a fun vibe as the dose goes up people laugh and are giddy, almost like they drank something like alcohol or champagne.

I notice on IO that I also have a youthful appearance, and seems to make me more attractive toward women then baseline from compliments. Another good part of IO is that is makes me seem less intimidating, friendly and approachable at least for me being a guy.

It lasted for around 3-4 hours. What I've read separate from testing is that it converts to Androstenone (like Tuth ) after this which can last a day. Another thing I read is that Androstenol can turn on the sex drive in both men and women by its effect on Luteinizing hormone, even causing secretion of testosterone in men from the testicular Leydig cells. LH is peaked during womens ovulation time when sex drive is higest ...

M Harris said nols are produced more with higher estrogen, so people with fat would have more, which explains to me why they are seen more friendly but less sexual...

For men, using alot when you have lower testosterone you may notice other males seeing you more weak and making you appear a lot less alpha, talk down to you. So it somewhat also cancels some of the effects of added Tuth ( enone ) or IG or A314 (erone)... I see this as a test when I used too much without compensating. You want just enough IO to make the sexual or status or your base signature less intimidating but not too much to make you appear weak. I imagine for ladies status/alpha vibe is reduced as well and also could be compensated in combo.

CTTM is 50% alpha/50% beta. People dont open randomly as much, but they are willing to talk alot more if opened then without it. There is alot more trust and comfort such as people lessening the space between us you would get with strangers. The conversations go much more quality and in depth and I leave thinking I was really connected to that person... People tend to orbit/hang around where I go.

IH solo seems to create an intense comfort, intimacy and connection/bonding like they know me a very long time... There is more sharing and understanding of emotions (empathy) from others I talk to. I got disinhibited conversations where even secrets come out used solo on both males and females, and depends on the context it was used. For example I was with my mom and stepdad and a 25 yo girl at dinner, and she starts talking about her visiting a female strip club during normal dinner conversation in front of my mom who was laughing and then said SHE went to a strip club (and I know she honestly is very conservative overall)... Nothing over the top, just that she was saying things she would otherwise have held back normally and had no issues afterward about the discussions.

I apply IH / CTTM to back of neck or would use backs of knees in shorts to keep the self effects lower. Wrists and Hands still get some but less then front or sides of neck for example.

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