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Default Re: Copulandrone, Copulin-alike, and more...?

Originally Posted by tisha23 View Post
I have some products with copulandrone and copulin alike in them. They sell them in most intimate "toy stores". You mostly see it in candles and bed sprays. They dont even come close in effectiveness to the products were used to using but they are fun and help set the mood.

Hmm so you would describe the scent as your typical floral/sweet incense? Do the cops dirty/musky odor come through at all? Doesn't sound like it.. (would be kinda strange for a candle )
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Default Re: Copulandrone, Copulin-alike, and more...?

Originally Posted by pheroUserName View Post
Hmm so you would describe the scent as your typical floral/sweet incense? Do the cops dirty/musky odor come through at all? Doesn't sound like it.. (would be kinda strange for a candle )

Actually they come in all different scents and you dont smell the musky smell of cops at all. Found in these type products the dosage is so ultra low. I got mine from edens fantasy's online a long time ago. Victoria Secret at some at one point as well. I think its primarily sold to manufacturers of products and not to consumers which is why you dont see it offered in its straight copulin form like EOW.
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