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Old November 4th, 2011, 08:21 PM   #91
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Default Re: Can Male semen attract women?

Funny post!
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Old November 4th, 2011, 09:25 PM   #92
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ballzan will become famous soon enough ballzan will become famous soon enough
Default Re: Can Male semen attract women?

When my ammo runs out, I am transferring my semen into the container and use it when I got out!
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Old November 4th, 2011, 11:14 PM   #93
ballzan Male
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ballzan will become famous soon enough ballzan will become famous soon enough
Default Re: Can Male semen attract women?

Originally Posted by thomaslavoie View Post
It will be way too thick. You would be better off shotting your load on yourself or perhaps a scooper. U SO WEIRDO 1!1oneon!eleven1!111!
Lol yea on second thought ill just stick with AD's products.
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Old November 6th, 2011, 12:54 AM   #94
GetTheEdge Male
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Default Re: Can Male semen attract women?

It could work, I read about one guy 'ahem experimenting in certain "ways"
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Old November 9th, 2011, 09:44 PM   #95
Mr.changal Male
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Default Re: Can Male semen attract women?

Originally Posted by Socrates View Post
I just had to dig up an old compilation post of mine for this thread!

Static (August 4, 2005):
" Natural Pheremone Experiment
Ok this may not suit everybody , but back when i was single i conducted a few experiments.

The human body secretes pheremones from certian key areas. The number one area is , you guesed it.....the genitals, as the reproductive organ.

Myself and three other friends conducted the following experiment with natural pheremones.

Through out a 2month period we would every second week take tissue paper and rub it over our genetals. Us males only rubbed on the balls, but not the penis. The girl of our group rubbed along the back of the vagina just before her butt.

We were carefull not to get sweat on the tissues.
We then went and rubbed the tissue on our necks and jaw and hands. We also quite smoking as this dulls the affect.

The result was that whenever we rubbed our faces and then went out, we would have guys and girls come up to us and flirt with us. This process was reversed also with the vaginal pheremones rubbed on us guys.
The affect of this was that guys more than ladies would seem to be relentless arround us guys. We did also get some deathly stares from some men when vaginal pheremones were rubbed on us.This did vary on occasions with greater or lesser affect. Experiment were performed after sex also with a slightly improved result.

On one occasion a plastic bag was tied arround my balls and i went for a walk. Upon my return the bag was removed and the sweat/odours (directly from the balls) could clearly be seen in the bag. I used this on a tissue and the affect seemed to make many a ladies head turn as i walked down the street. Upon striking up conversation i noticed dialated pupils in almost all of the ladies who spoke with me.

As i said this is not for everyone. But for obvious reasons men have a disatvantage with our genetals not carrying moisture as much as the ladies do. And so the rubbing of the phremones on our faces and hands was what needed to be done."

Static (August 4, 2005):
"Yea i though this post might be a bit strange to most. The truth is we have it and sometimes you gota make do with what you got.

Ok , well yes we showered everyday as usual. You should not use soap over your genitals though as it will dull moans secretions chemicaly. Just give it a good scrub with your hands. The rest can be washed as usual. Try not to get to get soap on the man.

Collect during the day keeping the tissues sealed in zip bag or something in your pocket , but it must not touch the material of your trousers. Before you go out, go take a shower taking care with the soap. Dry off and push rub it on. Dont use cologne as it will overpower the moans. You can experiment later with colognes.

You dont have to wait, but the damper the tissue the better the result (Make sure the sweat is from exactly the right area "Balls")

As for the duration of the affect , i can safely say it would last you upto three hours, depending on how much you managed to get on. Just run into the bathroom, take out your tissue bag and do it again.

It works beter as your body heats up, like a cologne. The moans seem to travel further and stronger the warmer your body gets. So what im saying is that you should try to get some moans on the areas where you sweat from most (chest, back, head etc)

For your hair it would be best to use something that deos not carry an loud odour as it will also affect the balance.

As is i said it works best when your body is warm:

Clubs (dancing) 8/10
Stores (shops have many chemicals in them which dulls the affect) 5/10
Non chemical enclosed areas (busses/libraries/bars etc) 7/10
Street 7/10
Office 8/10

You must realise that body warmth will make it work beter over a distance in open spaces. In enclosed spaces such as clubs your body warmth will send the moans out to about a 6meter radius depending on how hot you are. It will in cases like this be proment over the smoke and other odours simply because most people are more receptive in these enviroments.

I think it is important to mention that the moans collected is in affect the sweat from the balls only. This sweat carries in it the moans which in affect gives you sexapeal as animals have. Confidence is also something that goes hand in hand with natural moans secretion."

tim929 (August 5, 2005):
"Okay...I can actualy see a fair amount of truth in this.I was recently "with" a woman who I met just a couple weeks ago.We went out and had a realy nice time.I was wearing two drops of A314 ...on on each wrist.She seemed very cozy with me thing lead to another and we sorta accidentaly lost our clothes and got busy.In the process of being busy,she mentioned that my genatals were...her words...yummy.She was quite smitten with the odor down there.I dont plan on changing anything right at the moment but it seems plausable to me.Oh...and did I mention that A314 made her very cozy with me? I guess thats a hit,huh?"

Static (August 5, 2005):
"...Seriously, which body parts would secrete moans? Your head...i doubt it. Your ankles....nah maybe its our breath....doubt it. Sexuality from our sexual parts makes absolute sense.

Moans from down there works...i know it and so do many others."

BizmanJoe (May 31, 2006):
" Smelly Balls!
Smelly Balls!
This thread is just too funny! But, I know it is the truth because my girlfriends loved the smell of my balls when I was in my 20s and 30s. And if I didn't shower for a day, I could actually smell something funky rising up from between my legs. One of my girlfriends INSISTED that I shower every other day instead of everyday and when we got together, she'd always end up burying her nose into my nutsack. I thought it was just a fetish of hers..."

CATPYCO (June 2, 2006):
"I wasn't going to post this, but that wouldn't be fair to all you curious minds out there. So...check it out! I have a crappy job right now where I drive cars from point A to point B... all the hot sun. A couple of days ago, i went to work with your a usuall phero mix. I really doesn't matter what i had on cuz when it get too hot, I head to the rest room, and wash my face and around my neck with soap. Anyway, I was kind of pissed at the mix that I had on, because it didn't seem to be doing anything!! So... U know what I did? O!!! I think you guys know what I did.. I took my left hand, reached into my pants, and borrowed some juices from my special place. Mind you...It was pretty hot that day, and my boy was pretty moist. I then took my hand and rubbed the Godly juices around my neck, then washed my hands..OF COURSE What happen next is going to blow you away!! I walked pass this lady.. must be at least 31 years old, and she calls me back and asked me, " What colonge are you wearing?" I wanted to say, " Its called Man juice...for men" About an hour later, i'm talking to this other girl, and out of blue, she starts to sniff around the same area where I aplied the man juices, and she says, and i quote " boy, you smell like sex" I said what are you talking about girl? She said, " you smell like u have been humping today...I like it !!!" That was expression i have on my face... I kid you not!! I couldn't get that girl away from me until i clocked out and ran home. Thats the kind of thing that awaits you if U are willing to try ' Man Juice' for Men..."

Guy101 (April 16, 2007):
"Yes, I've tried this at work & saw some results. But I was wearing A7 as well so I am not sure were they came from.

I will try this alone without pheromones products."

jasonx (June 4, 2007):
"This experiment sounds like a really good idea, except I read a craigslist post where some woman was complaining about "unwashed ball smell" and saying that men should shower to get rid of it.

If its true that women dont like that smell, and you spread it around on your neck or whatever, then that would be a bad thing.

Maybe just a little?

Any more results on this one?"

**DONOTDELETE** (April 18, 2003):
Re: Copulins attract WOmen?
"I don't know jack about chemstry, but isn't it also true that salad dressing contains copulins, if you're defining copulins as certain commonly occuring substances - by that definition, wouldn't vinegar be a copulin?

You gonna go around smelling like vinegar?

I'll tell you why this upsets me so much. I hope Pet's not reading because if she thought I was vulgar before, this will really rock her world... There is nothing I love better than the smell of balls. Assuming the guy's clean, I mean. That smell between his legs is quintessentially male and gorgeous to me. It's one reason I can give head for hours. I love that purely male smell.

That anyone wants to contaminate that is beyond my comprehension. WHY are you f*cking with perfection?

Maybe I have a personal problem (hardly a news flash maybe), but it makes me nearly frantic to hear men who I like, who I know are attractive, who I'm friends with, talk about making themselves smell like pussy in any way. STOP IT. Male smell is good. Please don't ruin it. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img]

EDIT: Elana and I were writing at the same time and when I finished my post and it came up, I saw hers. See?

Don't contaminate your maleness. We like it so much..."
so you seriously put ball sweat on your face? Would you say that it worked better, worse, or the same as the products sold on this site? What effects did it have on females who you knew as friends? and personally, how did you stand the smell of balls? /:|
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