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Smile Any pheromones to make one feel HAPPY and relaxed ?

hi I suffer from mild anxiety and want to feel just happy and relaxed

I also work in a stressful work environment and if someone irritates me I just want to not feel affected by it rather than making me feel irritable and ruining my mood..

I want to feel something like 'what a great morning, this day can't go wrong' or the happy go lucky,
'I don't give a crap about anything' (in a good , focused way) and/ or
'Wow I'm so happy happy joy joy and relaxeeed'

Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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Default Re: Any pheromones to make one feel HAPPY and relaxed ?


sorry to not give a precise answer mone specific but what you're looking for is a main part of NLP and I use it to great effect. Mones can enhance the feelings you wake with NLP making it more intense. Mones alone cant really enhance what's not there, so if ure feeling down, IShine might give a little mood lift with the risk to crash at any time, while if you use it when youre already happy you'll feel like in heaven.

Hope this helped
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Check out my journal if you'd like to know about my experiences with dem mones. =) Skip to the end for the juicy stuff.
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Krncharms (February 22nd, 2013)
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Default Re: Any pheromones to make one feel HAPPY and relaxed ?


Welcome to the forum.

There are a few you may try but keep in mind mones are primarily for signaling others not for self effects. Everyone doesn't get self effects simply because mones work in the subconscious mind and your conscious of what your wearing. You best bet is to wear products that affect the behavior of those around you in such a way that iot makes your job less stressful therefore you less anxious.

Ishine of course is a mood lifter.

IO or anol is also a upbeat happy pheromone.

P74 Harmony

TAC is relaxing and carefree.

Now you can also try these. Neuro: Light It Up Get Bliss.

These are not mones of course but they do trigger some of the same neuro responses are some mones . These work better for self effects in my opinion.

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Default Re: Any pheromones to make one feel HAPPY and relaxed ?

You should check out my experiences with IS/A. I just wrote about them in the thread entitled "New to pheromones, just tried IS/A!"
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feel , happy , make , relaxed

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