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Default Answerbag - Things around house to masterbate with (Girls)

I found the last answer to be disturbing

i know, ive tried alot. but i still get bored. carrots too skinny. right now im hooked on my dads electric razor

Read more: what are some things i can use to masterbate around the house, i am a girl & im tired of just using my fingures | Answerbag
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Default Re: Answerbag - Things around house to masterbate with (Girls)

Originally Posted by Steve View Post

I agree that is some freaky stuff. Oh well to each his own.

I do suggest she get a man that can satisfy her because I can't see masturbating with these things more fulfilling than some good old hard :

What's that mother you called.
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Olfact Amorous (January 5th, 2011)
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Default Re: Answerbag - Things around house to masterbate with (Girls)

Back AWHILE ago, one girl said that she used to get some orgasm by sitting on top of a dryer. Back then ( 10 years ago, lol), the dryers were pretty shaky and noisy - it was not as sophisticated as now. It would move up and down as it spins... Some girls would equate that noise and throbbing sensation to sex sometimes - haha.

Anyways, she said she would just sit and read on top of the dryer while it runs - she would put most pressure on her labia (vaginal area) - and within minutes, she would get that warm, tingly vibration rushing up through her spines and her skin cells just swell with delight. Soon thereafter, the pressure in her labia would explode like a water-balloon popping and her euphoria ensues...
Maybe, some girls can try it too while studying,if they can find some older dryers somewhere, lol
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