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Exclamation Androtics has moved. Some things to keep in mind


In order to address some issues reported in our last user base wide survey, we recently completed a long distance move.

We expected the move to go a bit smoother, as we prepared as much as we could so there would be no interruption of service.

However, we should?ve learned by now... moves are never easy. Too many things depend on mother nature and 3rd parties with their varying degrees of competency.

1. We turned off custom orders during the move, and for the last month, we prepared several works worth of our top selling 68 core SKUs and all their variants. This would?ve allowed shipping of the most common products to resume right away.

2. Good idea, but unfortunately, some of this inventory was damaged by the movers. We?ve been remaking it as quickly as we can. Packages with very common products are trickling out. Thank you for your patience.

3. Custom product ordering will on turned on again once we?re back to same day order handling.

4. The new space is good and offers exciting possibilities, but the contractors did not properly complete the flooring in one room. It needs to be redone before we can completely move and utilize the entire space.

5. Fiber optic internet is available at our new address, which played a large role in deciding on the location. While 1gb fiber was installed exactly one week and 1 day ago, it has still yet to work correctly despite several service calls.

6. We?ve been working off of iPhones and iPads in the meantime, and are now installing plain DSL as a fallback.

7. Chat and ticket inquiries have been slowed due to damages from the last hurricane season

While we make and ship product from the US, we use customer service & analytical workers from around the globe.

Our head customer service agent, Mickaelia, lives on the Carribean island of Dominica. Sadly, her area has been devastated due to Hurricane Irma, and subsequently, Hurricane Maria. A lethal 1-2 punch.

She has not been in contact recently. Previously, this just meant that her internet was down and she?d be back shortly. However, after reading more about how the last storms were especially potent, we desperately hope she and her daughter are ok.

In the meantime, Dee is slowly but surely handling the tickets & chats that he can. We?ve asked former agents to come back on temporarily to handle the transition.

Kindly bear with us during the transition. The remaining staff we have is working 12 to 16 hour days to remake inventory, and ship it on out to you.

We wanted to be fully up and running by last Wednesday. Now we hope to be fully transitioned by the beginning of next week.

Not too bad in the scheme of things, but we understand you need your supplies as fast we can send them. Our apologies if the delays affect you. Thank you for your patience.

The good news is that we are trying to address as many points as possible that were brought up during the last survey. After things are running smoothly again, with upgraded infra and a more optimal location, we should be able to upgrade many important parts of the daily operations.

Thanks for your understanding,
Androtics & co

PS ? Although we have talked about this in chat, we did not initially announce the move on the forum for two reasons

1. With the way we prepared, the transition would?ve been flawless. It just so happens that Murphy?s law seems to always interfere during moves. At least things always tend to be better after moves. Phew!

2. We?ve learned the hard way over the years that when we announce that we?ll be away or otherwise tied up, that it invites nefarious others to launch things like DDOS (denial of service) attacks while we are busy.

When the cats away, the mice will play... You know how it goes.

At least if they did so now, we are settled enough so we respond quickly. We?re no longer on the road or anything. We?re just busy making product and shipping!
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Default Moving thread follow up [DRAFT]


Thanks for hanging in there! We appreciate you very much.

A few things to note:

* Our backlog is almost 60% complete. Mostly the simpler orders with common products.

Going slower than we would like, but getting there. These are precision products and cannot made or shipped sloppily.

Our sincerest apologies if you are in the remainder. You are still top of mind, and we are working hard to get things out to you!

* Moving shows just how extensive and complex our catalog has become over the years.

The past few days has been another product making cycle based on the pick lists. The last batch alone consists of 168 different formulations, the majority of which we have to make anew due the move.

* There were normal, although unwelcome, moving & new facility issues the first two weeks of the move. As anyone who moves can attest, these are like little fires that demand & steal away attention.

Many of those issues have now been solved or at least reduced in severity.

There is still some way to go to make the new facility as purpose-built as the last.

* The past few days have been another cycle of formulation. If you don't hear from us immediately, it is mostly because we are in cleanrooms with gloves on, away from any electronics. We are grateful for our forum leader Dee who has stepped in to take care of both the forum and our desk while we try to schedule more help in our customer service department.

I am happy to say that Monday & Tuesday are the next major shipping days.

* Please keep in mind that this particular business requires extreme precision. It is better to do things at whatever pace is necessary to get things right, especially when new hires are involved.

Most people have not been involved with work that requires a high degree of precision, so what Androtics does is a new way of thinking for many.

* Some people have written us, and asked for a rush job. However, you really do not want a rush job with formulas that depend on precise dosages. That really doesnt make for an effective product in this field. We want to make sure we do things right.

* Remember, everything we do is from a specialized field called high potency chemistry. Or what is sometimes called ?contained chemistry?. It is the most expensive & complex form logistically. The measurements involved are tiny, and the attention to detail & caution needed is high.

Despite the glitz and glamour in the messaging of many pheromone companies, bringing this type of chemistry to consumers at reasonable cost is no way trivial. This isn't like making a cake or cookies. It takes massive amounts of planning and careful execution.


Thank you so much for your understanding and your patience.

Looking forward to sending the next batch of products this Monday & Tuesday.

The (mostly new) Androtics team

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