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Default A314, Instant Openness, Instant Shine, Instant Female Magic=magic

Your comments/recommendations on this post are more than welcome.

I've been using my A314 , IS, and IH for about three weeks now and due to the numerous positive experiences, I decided to go ahead and get deeper into the game. I ordered some TUTH , Ammo , IO , and Instant Female Magic on Sunday, and received it this morning (along with a free Instant Gentleman , which coupled with the obscenely fast shipping pretty much makes a case for the Best Damn Customer Service award).

I (19 years of age) had been invited to eat lunch with three female friends (18 to 20 years of age), so I applied one drop of A314 , one spray of IS, one spray of instant openness , and two sprays of Instant Female Magic .

Let's just say that halfway through lunch I was pretty much convinced that this formula was something akin to the Social Holy Grail. The conversation was indelibly easier than ever before, I was in the zone the entire time with my humor/observations, my ex girlfriend was breaking her neck to sit beside me anytime we moved, and the entire thing was just an extremely pleasant experience. The best way I could describe the effect that the pheromones had in unison would be to say that they acted as some sort of bridge, eliminating the "small talk" or superficial element of the social interaction and propelled all participants a good deal of time down the "social road", to a point where we almost seemed to be better acquainted and more comfortable around each other than any time before.

A few notes: going into the lunch, I had no sexual intentions with any of these girls whatsoever. As I said, I'd dated one before, and they were all attractive, but my goal was not sex: I simply wanted to experiment with my new female-oriented pheromones. The Instant Female Magic , I believe, is probably the most responsible for the girls' extremely receptive attitudes. Even more impressive, in my opinion, is the effect that the products had in such small doses. One spray/drop each of A314 , IO , IH is not at all a large application, and even two sprays of the Magic isn't exactly overdoing it.

Though I was tempted to go ahead and ramp it up with a higher dosage (or a few shots of the Ammo and TUTH ) I wanted to find some low dosage thresholds, and engage in a non-sexual, easy-going conversation. I believe I enjoyed a good deal of success in doing so, and make no mistake, I did receive a RESPECTABLE number of interest indicators, ESPECIALLY from my ex. I can imagine that this effect would have been intensified with a different mix, and a different mindset.

Tomorrow, I am going to a crowded nightclub with several friends, so I will be pulling no punches (hello AMMO , A314 and TUTH ). I have yet to even test ANY of my pheromones in such a crowded environment so we'll see how that goes.
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